“Behind your Touch” Episodes 7 to 10 Track Murder Cases, Present Possible Culprits

Cryptic cases of murder arise in Mujin in the latest episodes of Behind Your Touch.

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Can Jang-yeol and Ye-bun crack the mysteries behind them?

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Behind Your Touch

Behind Your Touch Episodes 7 to 10 Highlights

Furious Jang-yeol takes his wrath on gang leader Soon-gil. It earns him a detention trip. Later, Ye-bun affirms that the gang leader did not take Seung-gil’s life.

Ye-bun stumbles on MeTuber’s Si-ah’s dead body when she sees it from one of her patient dogs. With two murders in town, Mujin’s police force is busy

Picking up clues from Ye-bun’s visions, Jang-yeol thinks the killer of Seung-gil and Ji-ah is the same. However, Chief Won refuses his opinion because it would mean a serial killer is on the loose in their peaceful town.

The neighbors gather to talk about the issue and agree to have Shaman MacArthur perform a rite to dispel negative energy.

Behind Your Touch

“You always ask for help only to threaten me later.”

Meanwhile, Jang-yeol continues his pursuit. Chief Won relents to his goal so he gives a heads-up to Ye-bun that her help is needed for his investigation.

If before, he asked Ye-bun to touch a congregation, his new impossible request is to touch all the bums of Mujin residents. After being done with the usual suspects, Jang-yeol makes her work realizing a ceremony is being done in the village.

Shaman MacArthur performs the rite but he faints after declaring the murderer of the recent cases is among the people observing the rite.

When Ae-ran, one of the workers at the town’s cafe went missing, the local police tried to look for clues.

It turns out ajussi Gwang-sik was trying to help Ae-ran from her bad employer so she pretended to be a victim of the killer on the loose so as not to pay her debt.

Behind Your Touch

“That’s one of the hardest things in the world. To truly know people.”

Unfortunately, Ye-bun tells Ji-suk about Ae-ran, and the latter is dragged back to the cafe.

Later, Ye-bun meets Ji-suk for her genuine intention to help her and Ae-ran. She joins her on her delivery but on their way back, Ji-suk leaves her behind. Seeing Ji-suk’s motorcycle down, she caught a firefly to see if she could find a vision. On the brink of being in danger with the raincoat poncho killer, Ye-bun stopped him and secured her in a safe place.

She looks for Jang-yeol but when they arrive Ji-suk is already fatally attacked again. Unfortunately, Ye-bun who came across a few townspeople does not know who is the 3rd person with psychometric power who also seems to be the culprit.

On perfect timing, the Prawn Festival event is set to happen at Mujin. This opens a venue for Jang-yeol and his psychics to confirm their initial deductions.

However, the confusion heightens as possible culprits are found. Ye-bun also discovers crucial information about her mother’s death.

Behind Your Touch Episodes 7 to 10 Musings

Along with the pursuit of the identity of the raincoat poncho killer, the truth about the death of Ye-bun’s mother resurfaces in Behind Your Touch.

Rightfully on time, as the series winds down to its last three weeks, the intentions and motivations of the characters are being relayed one by one.

Hinted before is Sun-woo’s strange fixation and blatant faint disgust towards Assemblyman Cha.

Ye-bun’s grandfather’s yearning for his daughter and his silent investigation of her death is also revealed.

Captain Won and Hyeon-ok’s love tale, thankfully, reaches mutual acceptance once again. Hopefully, there are still enough parodies to be sprinkled.

Speaking of love tales, Ok-hee’s bourgeoning romance with Teacher Kim adds another flavor to the amusing side love stories in this drama so far.

That being said, the absence of concrete romance for the heroine is not felt as Behind Your Touch found the right balance of comedy layered with sweet frostings to keep the narrative engrossing.

What’s left to be deciphered is the identity of the raincoat poncho killer who is revealed to be closely acquainted with Ye-bun.

Aside from that, the loose ends of the story would surely include bringing justice to Ye-bun’s mother’s death.

What is the real intention of Sun-woo? How is Assemblyman Cha related to Ye-bun’s mother’s death? Is Shaman MacArthur hiding something?

Take a rest every weekend by visiting the lively town of Mujin and its quirky characters in Behind Your Touch. International fans can watch it on Netflix.

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