Belift Lab compared NMIXX to NewJeans but they made a big mistake

Compare NMIXX with NewJeans mentioned in Belift Lab’s video

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“If you look at the snapshot, didn’t NewJeans also imitate NMIXX?”

NewJeans ‘Ditto’ was released on January 2, 2023
NMIXX ‘Love Me Like This’ was released on March 20, 2023

NewJeans released it before NMIXX

1. Is Belift Lab obsessed with NMIXX? But why was ILLIT’s fan club named Lily in the first place?

2. They named ILLIT’s fanclub Lily and grabbed NMIXX’s hair

3. It’s completely different, so why did they use NMIXX?

4. Why does that company keep grabbing NMIXX’s hair like that?

5. Not only do they have no conscience, but their intelligence is also low

6. For a moment, I thought NMIXX was ILLIT

7. Min Heejin never said that NMIXX copied Ditto, so what are they doing? Min Heejin only mentioned ILLIT

8. What are they talking about, what are they doing with NMIXX?

9. Was this actually made and posted by a company?

10. Leave NMIXX alone

11. I really feel sorry for NewJeans

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