Belift Lab Files Civil Lawsuit Against CEO Min Hee-jin “No Apology or Reflection for ILLIT”

On June 10th, Belift Lab issued an official statement saying, “After watching CEO Min Hee-jin’s second press conference on May 31st, we decided that we could no longer delay expressing our stance. We are now sharing our position regarding CEO Min in writing and through video.”

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Belift Lab emphasized, “The decision by the Seoul Central District Court’s Civil Division 50 on May 30th was about granting an injunction to prevent HYBE from exercising its voting rights at ADOR’s Extraordinary General Meeting. It was not a ruling on the plagiarism issue. It is misleading to interpret it as if CEO Min won a ruling on the plagiarism matter.”

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Belift Lab added, “Separate from the injunction, the criminal case we filed against CEO Min for obstruction of business and defamation will now proceed. Despite achieving remarkable debut results that will go down in K-pop history, our artists, members of Belift Lab and participating creators have been burdened and silenced. We will be filing an additional civil lawsuit today to hold CEO Min accountable for the damages.”

Belift Lab expressed strong regret, saying, “During her second press conference, CEO Min appeared to offer a gesture of reconciliation. However, she failed to apologize or reflect on the severe malicious comments endured by innocent victims. Instead, she shifted the blame to others, such as the media.”