Beomhan Sets the Record Straight About Hongdae Club Controversy— ‘A little bit exaggerated in my head…’

In a recent turn of events, a TikTok video captioned “Hongdae storytime” has sparked intrigue as the OP (original poster) shared an account of witnessing a well-known K-Pop trainee involved in an altercation with a club bouncer at a Hongdae nightclub.

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The OP revealed that the trainee, who they described as “famous enough that K-Pop stans know [him],” bypassed the club’s line and then engaged in a confrontation with the bouncer, prompting questions about the trainee’s behavior and character.

Beomhan’s Confirmation: Setting the Record Straight

The video quickly garnered over 309,000 views and more than 500 comments, with speculation growing about the trainee’s identity, which many believed to be former FM Entertainment trainee Beomhan based on contextual clues.

To address the mounting speculation, Beomhan himself came forward to confirm his involvement in the incident. He shared his perspective on the events during a TikTok livestream.


(Photo : Instagram|@Beomhan mont)

Beomhan began by acknowledging that he had indeed been at the club in Hongdae, but he explained that he had experienced a panic attack due to the overcrowded and noisy environment inside. His discomfort led him to leave the club briefly to catch his breath.

Beomhan’s friend convinced him to re-enter the club, and as someone who had already been inside, he approached the bouncer with his re-entry stamp in hand.


(Photo : Tiktok|@morklee.ent)

I go to the club, right? And I look around, and I’m like- this is not that cool, it kind of stinks and I don’t like it. It’s loud, it’s claustrophobic, it’s sweaty, dancing sucked, and it was lame. 

After the brief confrontation, Beomhan was escorted into the club by another bouncer to collect his belongings before leaving.He also extended apologies to both bouncers before departing. In conclusion, Beomhan addressed the OP’s video, urging his fans to verify their sources before forming judgments about stories in the future.


(Photo : Tiktok|@morklee.ent)

It must have been a little bit exaggerated in my head, I was going through something so I pushed his hand away. I’m wrong for that and I apologized to the bouncer afterward.

He came up to me and he raised his hands, I don’t want to get punched so I raised my hands… and the whole time I’m backing up [because] I don’t want to fight him, right? But I want to protect myself, I don’t want to get punched. 

Comments on the fan-uploaded video of Beomhan’s livestream were largely supportive of him, with many questioning why the incident had garnered such attention and expressing doubts about the credibility of the TikToker who initially posted the video.

Netizens’ comments:

  • “I hope this clarification from Beomhan clears up any misunderstandings and brings an end to the controversy.”
  • “It takes courage to admit when we may have exaggerated something in our minds. Kudos to Beomhan for being honest about it.”
  • “I’m curious to know how others involved in the Hongdae club controversy feel about Beomhan’s statement.”
  • “This just goes to show that sometimes what we perceive isn’t always an accurate reflection of reality.”
  • “I’m glad Beomhan addressed the issue directly and didn’t let the rumors and speculations continue to spread.”

The incident and Beomhan’s response have shed light on the complexities of public perceptions and the importance of verifying information before passing judgment.