Best Kdrama Kisses: Dr Romantic, King the Land, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and More!

With the rise in popularity of Korean dramas around the world, we have got a lot of fans shipping many couples and this is because of their impeccable chemistry on screen which does well in raising the heat. Be it a good romantic plot or even a thriller, the chemistry always finds a way to creep in and bring in a magic that is unique to our beloved Kdramas.

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But what brings the heat to the peak has to be the kisses shared by some of our favourite couples that leave us screaming for more. From the cute and warming kisses in Extraordinary Attorney Woo to the intense heat shared in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, we have brought you some of the best Kdrama kisses yet!

So without further ado, here are the best Kdrama kisses that bring up the heat of our favourite ships!

Best Kdrama Kisses

Dr Romantic

We begin this list with the three seasons of drama that are filled with romance and a lot of kisses. Be it the season 1 kiss between Kang Do-joon and Yoon Seo-jung that came out of nowhere, or the couples Seo Woo-jin and Cha Eun-jae as well as Park Eun-tak and Yoon Ah-reum from seasons 2 and 3; this show has got it all.

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A Business Proposal

Next, we have the romance between the beautiful couple Kang Tae-moo and Shin Ha-ri as well as the steamy romance between Cha Sung-hoon and Jin Young-seo. While the former couple gave us a steady and comic chemistry, the latter gave us the chemistry that made us sweat, thus, filling up the show with some of the best kisses.

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Strong Woman Bong Soon

We now have one of the cutest couples, Min Min and Bong Bong, who also brought in their tickling romance the kind of kisses that keep us smiling the whole time. Do Bong-soon and An Min-hyuk have to be one of the cutest couples in the Kdrama world and their kisses really did light up our world with their bubbly romance.

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Suspicious Partner

Actors Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun brought in one of the best chemistry in 2017 which left us breathless with their kisses that brought in another side to this crime drama. From their slowly built-up romance to their beautiful first kiss, this couple really gave us one of the best kiss scenes yet.

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My Name

Next, we have one of the hottest kisses from a crime action Kdrama shared by the characters Yoon Ji-woo and Jeon Pil-do who make even their bloody hand and wounded bodies into a chemistry of their own. They really know how to heat up the scene and bring their own kind of romance to this genre.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Park Seo-joon may have on-screen kisses with many stars, however, his character as the narcissistic Lee Young-joon who finally got his love Kim Mi-so has to be one of the best. And there is no doubt that there were many screams heard when he finally shared some romantic and steamy kisses with his beloved.

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Oh My Venus

Another Kdrama couple who got us swooned was Kim Young-ho and Kang Joo-eun who weren’t just spreading their playful romance with the latter’s dimples but also broke a sweat with their hot kisses. The trainer did give the once again beautiful Daegu Venus a lot of kisses and brought us all the romance we deserved.

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Alchemy of Souls 2

The historical fantasy that stole our hearts gave us more than a wonderful plot, and that is the beautiful romance between Jang Uk and Naksu along with a steamy kiss the two shared in season 2 that is yet to leave our minds. While the drama was quite serious for most of the time, their romance always topped it all.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Next, we have one of the sweetest and most innocent kisses seen in the Kdrama world yet. The slow yet very romantic kiss shared by our wonder attorney Woo Young-woo and the greenest flag to date Lee Jun-ho. An unforgettable scene that still makes our eyes glitter.

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Descendants of the Sun

Moving on to one of the most well-known dramas, we have the special officer Yoo Shi-Jin and Doctor Kang Mo-Yeon who brought a dramatic yet beautiful romance as well as a wine-filled kiss that still brings sparks on screen. Their story was a hit and their kisses only made it better for the viewers.

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Bringing in a flirtatious romance with endless red flags, we have Park Jae-eon and Yu Na-bi who add some of the best kisses to this list along with a push-and-pull relationship with a fairy-tale-like ending. Nevertheless, they bring all the heat one can ask for.

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King the Land

Finally, we have one of the cutest Kdrama couples of 2023 Gu Won and Cheon Sa-rang who brought in a kiss in the rain that remains unforgettable and making its way to the bucket list of many viewers. The slow kiss with the actors drenched from head to toe has definitely made it perfect for this list.

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Which of these has been your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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