Best Scenes In “Lovely Runner” Chosen By Byun Woo-seok & Kim Hye-yoon

On May 28th, tvN revealed the best scenes of “Lovely Runner” chosen by the cast right ahead of the broadcast of the last episode (episode 16). “Lovely Runner” created a syndrome thanks to the extraordinary romance of SolSeon couple, its romantic and heart-fluttering lines and scenes as well as the actors’ 200% synchronization with the characters. 

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Becoming a ‘first love icon’ with his performance as Ryu Seon-jae, who only loved Im Sol for 15 years, Byun Woo-seok said the scene in which Seon-jae regains his lost memories in episode 15 was memorable. The actor shared, “It’s the moment when Seon-jae, who has lost his memories for 15 years, met Sol again. The earnest and intense emotions of Seon-jae I felt when acting in that scene were so vivid that brought emotional lingering feelings in me”.

byun woo seok-kim hye yoon

Kim Hye-yoon has created many famous scenes and lines with her diverse transformations as Im Sol, from a high school student to a college student and an office worker. Mentioning the scene where Sol runs toward Seon-jae with a yellow umbrella in episode 2 as the best scene, Kim Hye-yoon shared, “I believe that it was the first meeting between Seon-jae and Sol, as well as the beginning of their love”. Citing Ryu Seon-jae’s famous line, “Let’s enjoy life today because the weather is nice”, the actress further explained, “That line comforted me. In particular, that was the line that made Sol, who lost her determination to live, think that she should live hard”.

Song Geon-hee, who played the role of Kim Tae-sung, a band’s bass player, an ulzzang, and also Im Sol’s first love, selected the epilogue in episode 2 as the best scene. He said, “I was very impressed by the portrayal of the process in which Seon-jae fell in love with Sol as soon as he saw her putting an umbrella on him”, adding “The moment it was revealed that Seon-jae, who changed Sol’s life, had been secretly in love with Sol for 15 years and the excitement of the scene are unforgettable”.

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Appearing in the drama as Ryu Seon-jae’s best friend and ECLIPSE’s leader Baek In-hyuk, Lee Seung-hyeop pointed out his parody of Jung Dae-man in “Slam Dunk” in episode 11 was very memorable. He shared, “It was my first time acting in a scene with so many comedy elements. Since it was my first attempt, I was a little nervous during the filming. Still, I enjoyed it because the viewers said it was interesting”.

Meanwhile, the last episode of tvN’s Mon-Tue drama “Lovely Runner” will air at 8:50 p.m. on the same day (May 28th).