“Best” Song Hye Kyo vs. “Worst” Lomon and Krystal 

Let’s rate the outfits of celebrities at some events during the week.

Recently, top actress Song Hye Kyo proved that her fashion sense is world-class. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, known for pulling off outfits effortlessly, surprisingly disappointed with a somewhat unexpected fashion choice. TV personality Ki Eun Se, actor Lomon, and actress-singer Krystal recorded lower ratings with outfits that left much to be desired.

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Best – Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo’s vibrant yet elegant silk dress makes her look like a princess. Her flawless skin perfectly suits pastel tones.

song hye kyo

The subtle and graceful texture of the silk dress enhances Song Hye Kyo’s beauty. Her feminine wavy hairstyle is a perfect match.

Even at a luxury jewelry event, she chose understated and not overly excessive accessories, which was an excellent decision. 

She impeccably embodies the luxurious vibe of the silk dress. The short length seems to accentuate Song Hye Kyo’s figure perfectly. 

So-so – BLACKPINK Jisoo

From the hairstyle with added volume to the geometric patterned dress, Jisoo’s outfit seems out of harmony.

Everything about the outfit makes her look unusually petite, and the dress appears somewhat mismatched. The somewhat chaotic pattern of the dress distracts more than it brings sophistication.

Bad – Ki Eun Se

Ki Eun Se’s dress feels more like an outfit for a formal ceremony. The wrinkled sleeves are also disturbing. The excessive shoulder design appears somewhat outdated.

ki eun se

The ambiguous neckline and the excessive use of such a bright color catches the eye but not in a good way. 

While it showcases the beauty of her figure, this dress design unintentionally adds an element of absurdity.

Worst – Lomon

The flashy fabric, perplexing colors, and even more confusing polka dot pattern seem like an unfortunate fashion despite the apparent effort. The overall muted color combination doesn’t seem to suit Lomon. 


The awkward length of the pants, outerwear, droplet-patterned shirt, and boots – it’s a complete mess. It might have been better if he went for something more daring and bold.

This suit consisting of shorts and a jacket is a styling that can occasionally be seen among fashionistas. However, matching the innerwear and pulling off this look seems to be a tough challenge. 

Worst – Krystal

With Krystal’s brown hair and gray outfit, there’s no standout point, making it quite dull. The dress matching knee-high boots completely hides Krystal’s skinny legs, becoming a minus factor.

krystal jung

It might not have been the worst if it weren’t for her knee-high boots. The length and fit of the knee-high boots conceal Krystal’s slender figure entirely.

Source: Naver.