BIBI Kisses Lucky Fangirl At ‘Head In The Clouds’ Festival — And Fans Are In Overdrive

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Fans are going wild over BIBI’s gesture towards a lucky fangirl!

On May 11 and 12, 88rising’s “Head In The Clouds” electrified music lovers in its two-day music festival at the Forest Hills Stadium, in Queens, New York. The star-studded lineup included well-loved acts such as BIBI, Joji, (G)I-DLE, Atarashii Gakko!, and many more.

During the event, BIBI captured everyone’s attention through her charismatic stages. However, the soloist also gained buzz for one of her moments with her fans. BIBI performed her song “BIBI Vengeance,” and during the performance, the soloist went offstage to interact with her audience.

@lancee_ee mother bibi at hitc ny is now a core memory #bibi #bibivengeance #hitcny #headintheclouds #88rising #newyork #foryou @Head In The Clouds Festival @88rising @nakedbibi ♬ BIBI Vengeance – BIBI

Afterwards, BIBI moved on to the other side of the venue and decided to hug a fangirl. But during the interaction, BIBI leaned forward to give the fan a direct kiss!

Watch the clip below:

@elmschoy @nakedbibi @Head In The Clouds Festival ♬ original sound – Elma Choy


@nicolexchiu i think i won @nakedbibi @Head In The Clouds Festival #hitc #nyc #bibi #fyp ♬ Sugar Rush – BIBI

The video immediately went viral on social media, and on platform X (Twitter), fans couldn’t help but express their envy! Here’s how they reacted:


In other news, BIBI shared her first kiss experience. Fans know that BIBI isn’t hesitant to skinship, given how she has kissed fans during performances and highlighted how confident she is in engaging with them. However, the soloist’s first kiss was not a great experience for her.

On April 29, BIBI guested on the YouTube channel, “Jjanhanhyeong Shindongyeop.” During the episode, BIBI was asked if she likes to drink alcohol. The singer laughed, before confessing that she got “really sick” when she had her first kiss.

There’s a funny anecdote related to alcohol. I had my first kiss, but then I got really sick.” BIBI shared. “After that, I didn’t kiss anyone for a long time. I visited my grandmother’s house after kissing for the first time in a while, but my tonsils started hurting again.”

BIBI continued, “I kept becoming sick every time I kissed.”

The singer then shared the hilarious method her grandfather suggested to help remedy her sickness.

My grandfather brought out strong liquor of 60 percent and I drank it.” BIBI confessed. “I remember screaming as if I had swallowed lava because I had inflammation.”

BIBI assured that the cure was helpful, “I felt better afterwards, and that’s when I knew my sickness was cured completely.”

What was your reaction to BIBI’s daring fan service? Let us know in the comments below!