Big Hit will take legal action against organized campaigns aimed at tarnishing and slandering BTS

Notice of legal action related to the violation of BTS’s rights and interests

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1. HYBE should apologize first

2. When will you release a statement?

3. They didn’t explain and just kept silent

4. What is your opinion on BTS’s sajaegi?

5. What I’m wondering is, can I be sued for cursing at the company?

6. As expected, a notice of legal action was issued. Now, please let us know your opinion on the controversy involving BTS

7. Let’s sue them all and throw them in jail

8. Seeing all kinds of rumors being spread makes me pray. Bangtan fighting

9. It seems like there are a lot of kids who have crossed the line

10. So what is your statement about sajaegi?

11. They need to post a notice of complaint and also post a notice of explanation

12. Why don’t they explain sajaegi?

13. I’m just curious about sajaegi. Please explain

14. But when will they make a statement about the recent controversy?

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