BIGBANG Daesung Breaks Silence on Group’s Struggle as 3-Member Team

In a recent episode of his YouTube show “Zip DS,” DAESUNG of BIGBANG openly shared his feelings about the group’s current lineup, expressing a mix of nostalgia and acceptance.

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The episode, released on May 10, showcased DAESUNG’s interaction with actress Lee Yu Bi, actor Lee Joon, and CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin. The group embarked on a grocery shopping trip before their gathering, setting a casual and relatable tone for their discussions.

During their meeting, Lee Yu Bi’s excitement for being on DAESUNG’s show was palpable as she exclaimed,

(Photo : Youtube (SS capture))

“I agreed to join this show because it’s your show, DAESUNG! I mean, you’re BIGBANG!” DAESUNG, however, revealed his nervousness, especially since it was his first encounter with Lee Joon.

Reflecting on BIGBANG’s past, DAESUNG shared a poignant observation.

“Our promotions did overlap a number of times, but we never really got to meet, because I never got out of my waiting room,” he admitted. “In fact, all the members of BIGBANG were always glued to our waiting room.”

(Photo : Youtube (SS capture))

Addressing the group’s current status, DAESUNG acknowledged the challenges of being a three-member group.

“Yeah, we are,” he confirmed when asked about their introverted nature. “What adds to the difficulty is that we’re down to just three now.”

BIGBANG, formed in 2006 under YG Entertainment, initially consisted of five members: G-DRAGON, TAEYANG, DAESUNG, T.O.P, and SEUNGRI.

However, SEUNGRI’s departure in 2019 due to the Burning Sun scandal marked the beginning of changes within the group. T.O.P’s official confirmation of leaving last year further solidified BIGBANG’s transition to a trio.

This candid conversation on “Zip DS” offers fans a deeper understanding of BIGBANG’s journey and the dynamics within the group as they navigate their evolving roles in the K-pop industry.

DAESUNG: “What adds to the difficulty is that we’re down to just three now.”

BIGBANG Daesung faced backlash for handling questions about BIGBANG and 2NE1 differently on “The Narak Quiz Show.” Fans criticized him for avoiding BIGBANG-related issues while readily addressing 2NE1 questions, leading to accusations of a “dual attitude.”

His choice to name 2NE1 as having the least contribution to their label further fueled the controversy. VIPs had mixed reactions, with some defending Daesung and others disappointed with the show’s content and his participation. Fans expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of substantial BIGBANG-related questions on the show.

You can watch the video here.