BIGBANG Daesung Reflects on Career, Japan Tour, Affection for VIPs in Interview: ‘I’m Proud of It!’

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On May 27, Allure Korea officially released its exclusive interview with Daesung of BIGBANG. The magazine uploaded several photos of the singer, who made an impression with casual and formal stylings.

While the idol received attention for his visuals, his interview with the magazine was also one of the main highlights, since he talked about various topics regarding his career, inner thoughts, and tour in Japan.

The magazine delved into his take about performing on the stage, since Daesung is currently on his ongoing “D’s Is Me” Japan Live Tour 2024.

Daesung: “I think performing is the most valuable thing a singer can do. You will get stressed out when you’re preparing for the show, but there’s nothing that can replace the happiness when you’re just starting out and performing on stage.”

Daesung: “In the end, I think that the performance is the driving force behind all my activities.”

The singer was then asked about how he achieves perfection during his stages. Daesung was also asked about his thought process when making a song.

Daesung: “It’s the flow between the tunes. I pay attention to the emotion when one song ends and we move to the next. I also try to make the ups and downs like a performance that is natural and flexible.”

Daesung: “Sometimes I take the first two upbeat songs and other times, I start them with a ballad. It’s fun to write my own screenplay like this.”

Daesung: “When I work on a song, I feel conscious of how it’s going to be performed and I start imagining what kind of image I’d present when I sing this song at a concert. In that way, I feel more comfortable when I’m singing.”

Furthermore, the magazine also asked Daesung about his 18-year career, highlighting both his status as a BIGBANG member and a solo artist. Daesung also revealed that he would always plan to look ahead in the future despite his long-running career as a singer.

You’ve been with VIPs for 18 years now. What does it mean to be a singer for half of your life?” Allure Korea asked.

Daesung: These days, when I go out there, there are a lot of people who would say. ‘I was a VIP,’ and that makes me realize how long I’ve been active (in the music industry). At the same time, I’m proud of it and it’s amazing to see VIPs grow up so well and become a part of society.”

Daesung: “I’m thrilled, but at the same time, I don’t want to overdo it and get drunk on that feeling. The past is the past and we all have a future. Nowadays, I just feel glad that I was able to do it for a long time and I’m grateful I was able to sing for so long.”