BIGBANG G-Dragon’s ‘Behavior’ Raises Brows— VIPs Fear Sudden Change Over THIS

G-Dragon has set the internet ablaze with his recent interview antics, leaving fans, affectionately known as VIPs, in a state of confusion and concern.

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The superstar, renowned for his charisma and stage presence, has displayed a demeanor that has fans scratching their heads and worrying about a sudden shift in his personality.

BIGBANG G-Dragon’s Behavior Leaves VIPs in Disarray Over “Personality Change”

The buzz began when a video of G-Dragon’s interview with Elle Korea, initially released on October 25, 2022, resurfaced online.

You can watch it here:

In the interview, he was asked a seemingly innocuous question, “What are the principles that made me who I am today?”

G-Dragon’s response, however, took a rather cryptic turn as he stated, “Principles, let’s ignore them. I ignore them. There are no principles. They are my principles.”


(Photo : Insight News)

Fans, known for their unwavering support, couldn’t help but notice the unease in G-Dragon’s demeanor throughout the interview.

Many expressed their concerns on social media, with comments like “He looks anxious the whole time he’s talking,” echoing their collective sentiment.

While some fans defended their idol, suggesting that G-Dragon’s speaking style had not drastically changed, others acknowledged that there was indeed something different about his recent behavior.

“I used to have a similar way of speaking,” one fan confessed, “but I just moved a little more.” Another fan chimed in, “I am overly anxious and a little busy,” acknowledging that everyone has their off days.

G-Dragon Shines a Spotlight on Sister’s Fashion Brand ‘WE11DONE’ at Seoul Fashion Week

Kwon Da Mi, co-owner of Korean designer brand ‘WE11DONE,’ showcased her label’s highly anticipated spring/summer 2024 collection during Seoul Fashion Week 2023.

BIGBANG G-Dragon & Siblings

(Photo : Insight News)

The event featured a special appearance by G-Dragon, Kwon Da Mi’s younger brother and a global superstar.

The fashion extravaganza took place at the iconic COEX venue in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, attracting fashion enthusiasts, industry insiders, and fans.

‘WE11DONE’ has gained recognition for its unique blend of streetwear aesthetics and high-end luxury. The collection titled ‘Remnants of Home’ aimed to push creative boundaries.

G-Dragon, known for his fashion sense, showed support for his sister by attending a photocall event dressed in a stylish ensemble.

The atmosphere at the event was electric as attendees eagerly awaited the runway presentation.

As fans continue to speculate about G-Dragon’s recent behavior, eagerly awaiting updates on whether this is a small incident or the start of a new era for the K-pop icon.

Stay tuned for more updates.