BIGBANG Idol’s Outburst When Asked About Girlfriend Exposed By Model— ‘He was Cursing’

Renowned comedian and model Hong Jin Kyung recently disclosed a startling encounter with a former BIGBANG member during a radio show appearance.

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 In a video uploaded to her YouTube channel on March 7, Hong Jin Kyung recounted an incident where a member of the iconic K-pop group became visibly upset and resorted to cursing. 

BIGBANG Idol's Outburst  When Asked About Girlfriend Exposed - 'He was Cursing'
Discover the story behind former BIGBANG member’s outburst as shared by Hong Jin Kyung. #BIGBANG #HongJinKyung #CommunicationEtiquette
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Unexpected Hostility: Hong Jin Kyung’s Innocent Inquiry

The revelation came as Hong Jin Kyung reminisced about the first time she met BIGBANG, recalling their appearance on her radio show.

During the encounter, she innocently inquired about the member’s relationship status, only to be met with unexpected hostility from the particular member, leaving her taken aback by the abrupt reaction. 

“When I asked him if he had a girlfriend, that member became visibly upset. He was cursing and made me feel so bad that I apologized several times,” shared Hong Jin Kyung, reflecting on the discomfort caused by the incident.

 “I knew then that the person had a girlfriend. People that don’t have girlfriends don’t mind the questions, but there are some who get upset when asked.”

Acknowledgement and Explanation: Daesung’s Insight

Supporting Hong Jin Kyung’s account, BIGBANG’s Daesung acknowledged the member’s sensitivity while offering insight into the circumstances surrounding the outburst.

“You’re right, he didn’t need to get so upset. At the time, you sent us a lot of dumplings. To this day, I still get it delivered,” Daesung disclosed, reminiscing about past interactions with Hong Jin Kyung.

“You know the pepper dumplings? I’ve been eating it for 15 years. Back then, idols’ concepts were much more mysterious. But if you don’t have a girlfriend, the question is harmless.”

Reflection and Self-Analysis: Hong Jin Kyung’s Regret

In response, Hong Jin Kyung expressed regret for her question, acknowledging its potentially intrusive nature.

“I shouldn’t have asked the question. What kind of person asks an idol that?” she reflected, indicating a sense of introspection following the incident.