BIGBANG Taeyang Exchanges Wall Message With SHINee Taemin – VIPs & Shawols Can’t Get Enough of Their Interaction!

VIPs and Shawols rejoiced after getting BIGBANG x SHINee crumbs!

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In a live voice broadcast, Taeyang revealed his closeness to Onew and Taemin — then revealed stories of how he actually met the two second-gen idols!

On January 9, BIGBANG Taeyang took to X to communicate with his fandom VIP, where he organized a small Q&A party.

While reading questions asked to him, he satiated fans’ curiosity regarding how he became close to SHINee Taemin, a 2nd-gen idol who was two years their junior.

Taeyang Confesses Close Friendship With SHINee Onew and Taemin

BIGBANG Taeyang Exchanges Wall Message With SHINee Taemin – VIPs & Shawols Can't Get Enough of Their Interaction!

(Photo : Taemin, Taeyang (Kpopping))

During the space live broadcast, the “VIBE” singer narrated that he befriended Onew first after meeting in the past, where they got to exchange contacts with each other.

After meeting then and now and keeping in touch with each other, they got even closer, which was how Taeyang met Taemin.

Just like Onew, Taeyang remained in contact with the SHINee’s youngest and until recently, they were having a conversation when Taemin mentioned that he would be having a concert at the Inspire Arena.

At the time, Taeyang coincidentally had a scheduled ad filming for a resort, which would also be filmed at the same venue. Hearing this, Taemin suggested they leave a message at a secret spot which he can find when he roam around before the concert.

Looking at the timeline this happened either around or on December 16 or 17, which was when Taemin had his solo concert, “METAMORPH.”

Taeyang Shares Photo of Wall Message With SHINee Taemin + Fans’ Reactions

Regarding the wall message, Taeyang said to Taemin that he hid it pretty well but surprisingly the latter still managed to find it during his concert and also left a message in response.

Taeyang continued that they were planning to meet anytime soon this month, and if Taemin gave him his permission, he would share the photos from their meeting with fans.

On the same day, the BIGBANG member took to his Instagram story and shared the proof shot showing the wall message they exchanged.

In the photo where he also tagged the SHINee main dancer, the K-pop icon wrote Taemin’s name with a heart and tongue-out emoji. Besides it, the junior idol also wrote Taeyang’s name with a sun drawing.

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(Photo : BIGBANG Taeyang (Kpopping))

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(Photo : Taemin (Instagram))

As a result, they sent both VIPs and Shawols into a frenzy, leaving comments such as:

  • “SHINeeBang is real!”
  • “I’m screaming!”
  • “Can I expect a collaboration from the best vocalists and dancers?”
  • “Onew’s network is pretty shocking.”
  • “What do you mean Jinki and Taeyang?”
  • “Oh, they are really close?”