Billlie Moon Sua & Suhyeon Confirmed To Resume Group Activities + Agency Releases ‘OT7’ Content In YouTube

Sua and Suhyeon are confirmed to return to their official group schedules with Billlie after their indefinite hiatuses.

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Billlie Moon Sua & Suhyeon To Return in Group Activities, Mystic Story Releases ‘OT7’ Content In YouTube

On April 12, Mystic Story released an official statement announcing Moon Sua and Suhyeon’s return to Billlie’s group activities.

Billlie Moon Sua
Billlie Moon Sua
(Photo : Facebook: Billlie)
Billlie Suhyeon
(Photo : Naver)

According to the announcement, the two idols would be resuming their schedules after their respective hiatuses due to health concerns. The agency assured that the two have seen improvements in their health condition.

Mystic Story then revealed that after discussing the matter with Moon Sua and Suhyeon, the two showed resolve in returning. The resumption was considered not to be an overexertion after consulting the opinion of health experts.

Billlie Moon Sua & Suhyeon Confirmed To Resume Group Activities + Agency Releases 'OT7' Content In YouTube
(Photo : Naver)

Furthermore, Mystic Story expressed its gratitude to fans for waiting for the group’s full return.

Read the full statement below:

“Hello. This is Mystic Story.

We would like to thank the fans who have always loved and supported Billlie and announce the resumption of Moon Sua and Suhyeon in their activities.

Moon Sua and Suhyeon, who temporarily suspended their schedules due to health reasons, have been resting for a long time to recover their health, and their conditions have improved significantly.

Accordingly, a series of in-depth discussions were held with the members, who were equipped with their determination to return, and based on the opinion of health specialists, they decided to join the group schedules and resume their activities after today’s announcement.

We would like to express our gratitude to the fans once again for waiting a long time, and for their warm encouragement to the members. The health of our artists will always be prioritized, and we will support their safe promotions to prevent fatigue.

Thank you.”

The announcement was paired with a YouTube video, which showed all seven members of Billlie enjoying a meal together.

Watch the full video here:


The video tugged the heartstrings of Belllie’ves, who were warmed to see an “OT7” content after a long time. Read their comments below:

  • “OT7? OT7! Holy moly I could run on the walls I’m so freaking happy and excited! I’m actually tearing up. Hopefully, there will be English subtitles soon.”
  • “Why am I crying? The tears won’t stop coming! I’m so proud of our girls the five held it down and now SuSuz are feeling better! Happy OT7 day!
  • “Welcome back Suhyeon and Sua! We are always here for you! I’m so glad you came back to us safe and with smiles.”
  • “Can we give the group a round of applause because Sua and Suhyeon are back in the house people!”
  • “Wish Sua and the whole team the best!”
  • “Welcome back, girls!”
  • “I’m so happy and hope we, the fans, can be their support. Let’s continue Billlie’s lore.”
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