“Bitter Sweet Hell” Boasts Talented Lead Stars Kim Hee Sun and Lee Hye Young In Special Poster

MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama acquaints viewers with special poster featuring its powerhouse lead cast.

Bitter Sweet Hell follows the story of a renowned family psychologist whose career and family are threatened by an unknown blackmailer. She cooperates with her mother-in-law, a mystery novel writer, to protect her family.

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Dubbed a human black comedy with a story, writer Nam Ji-yeon of the web drama So I Married an Anti-Fan wrote the script, and producer Lee Dong-hyun of Doctor Lawyer and She Knows Everything takes the directorial seat.

In Bitter Sweet Hell, Kim Hee Sun plays the role of Noh Yeong-won, the best family psychologist in Korea and a celebrity loved by the nation, while Lee Hye-young plays Noh Young-won’s mother-in-law, who devoted her life to her only son, Choi Jae-jin (Kim Nam Hee). She takes on the role of mystery novel writer Hong Sa-gang.

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Suggesting a unique mood that expresses intentional contradiction, Kim Hee Sun and Lee Hye Young attract attention with their strong charisma against a snowy field backdrop.

First, Kim Hee Sun, who plays Noh Young-won, the best psychological counselor in Korea, evokes a sense of solemnity by staring straight ahead with her earnest eyes and serious expression. On the other hand, Lee Hye Young, who plays the role of Hong Sa-gang, a mystery novel writer and Noh Young-won’s mother-in-law, gives off an intriguing look by slightly turning her back on Young-won, laughing inexplicably into the air.

Creating a contrast, the phrase Bitter Sweet Hell alludes to the dual and contradictory phrase which refers to a hell where bitterness and sweetness, pain and joy, happiness and sadness coexist. This draws further attention to the narrative.

Above all, the series contains an unusual and ‘ambiguous meaning’ right from the title, heralding a new paradigm as a ‘human black comedy’ never seen before.

The production team said, “Not only through the title of Bitter Sweet Hell but also through the special poster, we wanted to convey a completely different perspective and meaning about the family we think of and the truth we firmly believe in. Amidst the turmoil and confusion, we would like to provide valuable time to reflect once again on the true meaning of family.

Bitter Sweet Hell premieres on May 24th (Friday) at 9:50 PM.

Source: enews IMBC