Black Out Kdrama: Byun Yo-han, Go Jun, and Others Confirmed to Lead the Upcoming MBC Thriller Mystery Series

Byun Yo-han’s fans are in for a treat as the actor returns with a brand-new series titled Black Out Kdrama (블랙아웃). The anticipation for this show has been building for some time, especially since its first episode premiered at a film festival in April this year. With Byun Yo-han’s recent projects, such as Uncle Samsik wrapping up in June 2024 and the film Following, audiences are eagerly looking forward to his upcoming venture into the world of thriller and mystery.

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The narrative centres on two detectives who delve into a series of enigmatic occurrences plaguing a village. This drama reimagines those events and characters, aligning them with Korean cultural sentiments, and exposing the darker facets of human nature.

The character Go Jung-woo, portrayed by Byun Yo-han, awakens one fateful day at the age of 19 to find himself accused of a heinous murder. Stricken with amnesia, he is unable to recall whether he truly committed the crime. After serving his prison sentence, Jung-woo returns to his hometown, determined to unravel the mysteries of what transpired eleven years prior. As he digs deeper, he confronts buried secrets and the haunting question of his own culpability, all while grappling with the shadows of his past and the intricate web of human flaws.

Black Out Kdrama Cast

As of today, MBC has revealed the main cast for the upcoming show. Byun Yo-han will star as Go Jung-woo, with Go Jun playing Sang Cheol, Kim Bo-ra as Ha Seol, and Go Bo-gyeol as Choi Na-gyeom. The supporting cast includes Bae Jong-ok as Ye Young-sil, Kwon Hae-hyo, and others.

Black Out Kdrama Release Date

The exact release date of this drama has not been confirmed, but it is scheduled for August 2024. Speculation suggests it will premiere on August 16 and consist of 14 episodes, airing every Friday and Saturday on MBC. As of now, there is no confirmed information regarding its availability on any OTT platform.

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