BLACKPINK dominates ‘Knowing Bros’ clip view rankings, “Lisa’s crab dance got over 100 million views”

Girl group BLACKPINK attracted the most views among “Knowing Bros” viral clips

Episode 400 of JTBC’s program “Knowing Bros”, which aired on September 9th, carried out a game called “Guess the Clip View Ranking”.

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Knowing Bros

That day, the cast had to arrange the clips in the order of views from the lowest to the highest only by looking at the thumbnails. A total of 8 clips were shown, including BTS’s “DNA” dance, BLACKPINK’s dance compilation, BLACKPINK’s surprise new dance release, BLACKPINK’s dance medley, BLACKPINK Lisa’s crab dance, TWICE’s leg split clip, BLACKPINK Rosé’s Shakira solo song, and EXO’s game.

Knowing that 5 out of the 8 videos are BLACKPINK’s, Shindong expressed admiration, “There are so many BLACKPINK’s videos”, adding “There’s one with more than 100 million views”.

Knowing Bros

The rankings were later released. As expected, Lisa’s crab dance ranked No.1 with 110 million views, followed by BLACKPINK’s surprise new dance release in 2nd place with 50 million views. The third place went to BTS’s “DNA” dance video with 30 million views.

Kang Ho Dong commented, “It’s ‘Running Man’ but we don’t even appear in any videos from No.1 to No.8”. Lee Soo Geun, the only member who appeared on the screen behind Rosé, said, “30 million people saw me. I danced in the background. They couldn’t edit me out. I was right behind Rosé”.

Source: Daum