BLACKPINK Fans Anxious, While BTS Fans Oppose Idols’ Contract Extensions

The contrasting reactions of BLACKPINK and BTS fans to the contract renewal issue have stirred up social media

ARMYs sent trucks to protest against BTS extending their contract with HYBE.

On the evening of September 20th, Big Hit Music announced the exclusive contract renewal with all 7 BTS members. This marks the second time the global music group has renewed their contract with the management company. BigHit Music’s representative confirmed that the 7 members will reunite in 2025, after completing their military service obligations: “HYBE and Big Hit Music will do everything possible to support and further enhance BTS’s position.”

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BTS renews their contract for the second time with HYBE

On Instagram, BTS leader RM also posted about the contract renewal. However, a small group of fans did not share the same joy. On the morning of September 22nd, a few trucks from DC BTS Gallery appeared in front of HYBE headquarters to protest against BTS’s contract renewal. The messages on the trucks read: “Oppose BTS renewing with HYBE, the company discriminates among the members!”; “Oppose BTS renewing with HYBE, the company ignores widespread malicious rumors!”; “Oppose HYBE, the company pressuring BTS to renew the contract!”

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This immediately sparked controversy on various forums. The majority of ARMY expressed their opposition and dissatisfaction with the actions of BTS Gallery. Most fans believe that a group agreeing to renew all its members and continuing to work together is highly commendable, especially for a prominent group like BTS. Any conflicts or dissatisfaction with the management company can be resolved at the appropriate time during their activities. Moreover, the quality of their group and solo activities is guaranteed.

The situation of BLACKPINK’s contract with YG has fans feeling like they’re “on thorns”

While ARMYs are celebrating BTS’s second contract extension and the promise of a full-group comeback in 2025, BLINKs are worried about the future of BLACKPINK. On the afternoon of September 21st, Korean media reported that only Rosé had re-signed, while the other three members were leaving YG and committing to promoting as a group for at least 6 months per year. YG immediately denied the reports, but the information that BLACKPINK members may have individual plans has left the fandom restless.

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During their 7 years of activity, BLACKPINK’s discography hasn’t been very extensive. The group only released 2 full albums and embarked on 2 world tours. Despite setting numerous records, this has been a source of regret, especially given that from late 2020 until August 2022, BLACKPINK barely released any new music.


According to various sources, Lisa received a contract offer of up to 60 billion won from an American record label, Jennie will develop her fashion career and pursue music independently, while Jisoo will focus on acting. Therefore, if it’s true that 3 out of 4 members are not renewing with YG, it becomes increasingly difficult to anticipate new music and a third concert tour from BLACKPINK. This is what worries fans the most. However, BLINKs are still willing to follow, respect the decisions made, and support 4 girls no matter what the outcome may be.