BLACKPINK Jennie Accused of Sabotaging Her Model BFF’s Career — The Truth Revealed

On September 12 ,In an unexpected revelation during a recent YouTube show appearance , the international sensation shared her amusing predicament.

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Renowned model Shin Hyun Ji, who shares a close friendship with BLACKPINK’s Jennie, recently spilled the beans about the challenges she faces when spotting familiar faces in the audience while strutting down the runway.

Enduring Friendship

Shin Hyun Ji, who catapulted to stardom after triumphing in the fourth season of “Korea’s Next Top Model,” is no stranger to gracing the catwalks of the world’s most exclusive luxury brands.

Her portfolio even includes the prestigious honor of closing out Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2019 fashion show alongside supermodels Gigi Hadid and Mona Tougaard.

But fame hasn’t kept her from sharing a close-knit bond with the K-pop sensation Jennie, which has led to some hilarious moments on the runway.

Shin Hyun Ji

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During her YouTube appearance, Shin Hyun Ji couldn’t help but chuckle as she recounted how her job becomes exceptionally challenging when she spots someone familiar in the audience.

“There are times when it is a challenge not to laugh while walking the runway. When I see someone that I know, it is hard to keep in my laughter,” she admitted with a smile, letting viewers in on the secret struggles of a model.

However, the situation escalates to another level of complexity when she spots her dear friend Jennie amongst the audience attendees.

Shin Hyun Ji explained that it would be manageable if she knew Jennie’s designated seat in advance. But, as luck would have it, models are often in the midst of changing outfits when Jennie arrives, making it impossible to check her phone.

For Shin Hyun Ji, the real comedy arises from the way Jennie looks at her from the audience. Demonstrating with a playful expression, she revealed, “Jennie could look at me normally, but she…” leaving the rest to the audience’s imagination.

Shin Hyun Ji

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The friendly duo’s antics don’t end there. Shin Hyun Ji let slip that she and Jennie engage in a secret code of communication, exchanging winks and subtle signs when they spot each other in the crowd. Their playful camaraderie adds an element of intrigue and amusement to high-profile fashion events.

Shin Hyun Ji’s candid revelation provided a glimpse into the lighter side of the fashion world, reminding us that even the most glamorous careers have their moments of hilarity.

Her enduring friendship with BLACKPINK’s Jennie continues to be a source of fascination and warmth for fans worldwide.