BLACKPINK Jennie Caught Smoking Indoors?… Blows Smoke in Staff’s Face

 (Disclaimer: None of these comments I translated equal to my personal views or opinions ((I love Jennie)). The article was written by Sports Chosun, it was re-posted to Theqoo and it became one of the trending posts. The comments are from Theqoo)

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by Journalist: Kim Junseok

BLACKPINK’s Jennie was caught allegedly smoking an e-cigarette indoors, sparking controversy.

On the 8th, a short video titled “Jennie Smoking Indoors” spread across social media and various online communities.

In the video, Jennie is surrounded by several staff members, getting her makeup and hair done.

During this time, Jennie is seen holding what appears to be an e-cigarette, bringing it to her mouth, and exhaling smoke.

The video is part of a vlog posted on Jennie’s YouTube channel on the 2nd, which has since been deleted.

Netizens responded with comments like, “Smoking indoors is not okay,” “Blowing smoke in front of staff?”, and “Lack of consideration for the staff,” while others said, “Let’s not jump to conclusions.”

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-Doing that in front of someone is extremely disrespectful… I liked her because she seemed lively on variety shows, but I’m disappointed.

-I don’t care if she smokes, but doing it in front of people is really off-putting.

-I don’t care if adults smoke e-cigarettes or regular cigarettes, but doing it indoors right in front of staff is shocking.

-I don’t smoke, so I don’t know… but can’t she hold it in for a bit??? Does she really have to smoke in that situation?

-How could she do that in front of people? I’m disappointed.

-Kim Soohyun also smoked indoors in the waiting room, but it got buried… Go Hyunjung too. Do they smoke inside because they’re afraid of being photographed?

-If you’re going to smoke, do it when you’re alone. I really hate people like that.

-It’s funny how people are bringing up other celebrities in the comments. Jennie is the one caught blowing smoke in the staff’s face.

-Celebrities smoke indoors a lot… I went to a waiting room once, and it reeked of cigarettes.

-What’s worse than other smoking celebrities is not just being in the same space but blowing smoke right in front of someone’s face… She wouldn’t do that to someone in a higher position.

-This isn’t just about smoking e-cigarettes indoors. The issue is that she blew smoke right in front of the staff without a second thought.

-She’s an adult, so I don’t care if she smokes. But blowing smoke in the staff’s face, especially while filming a vlog, is shocking. But I’m not really surprised.

-The issue isn’t just smoking e-cigarettes indoors. The point is that she blew smoke in the staff’s face.

-There’s a person right in front of her…

-Wow, I’m shocked.

-How could she do that while getting her makeup done and in front of someone? Even e-cigarettes smell…