BLACKPINK Jennie Goes Viral for Her Mind-Blowing Plushie-Throwing Mastery— Must See

In the wake of BLACKPINK’s wildly successful BORN PINK world tour, which concluded with a spectacular two-night finale in Seoul on September 16 and 17, the group continues to make headlines. 

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The tour, which spanned 24 countries and 34 cities, brought together over two million fervent fans, affectionately known as BLINKs, creating an abundance of unforgettable moments.

From Casual to Glamorous: Jennie’s Versatility Shines 

Among these memorable moments was a heartwarming act by BLACKPINK’s own Jennie.Recently, a GIF capturing Jennie’s endearing interaction with fans surfaced on an online forum, reigniting excitement among admirers.

In the GIF, Jennie can be seen energetically tossing plushies to fans during their electrifying concerts. Her dedication to reaching fans in every corner of the audience is unmistakable, as she throws herself wholeheartedly into this heartwarming gesture.


What truly endeared fans to Jennie, however, was her heartwarming reaction when fans successfully caught the plushies.Her radiant smile had the power to melt the hearts of anyone fortunate enough to witness it, leaving an indelible mark on those in attendance.


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While the discussion centered on Jennie’s adorable plushie-throwing skills, fans couldn’t help but reminisce about her stunning appearances throughout the tour. Whether she sported a casual or glamorous look, Jennie’s beauty remained consistently breathtaking, showcasing her remarkable versatility.

Netizens are going crazy over Jennie’s mind-blowing plushie-throwing skills! The internet is buzzing with excitement as Jennie’s plushie-throwing mastery goes viral

Netizens’ comments:

  • “She’s always good to her fans and f*cking good at her job too… There’s no way you wouldn’t fall for her. I want to go to their concert again”
  • “She’s throwing plushies to the fans with all her might And she smiles like this when they catch them”
  • “Wow, Jennie’s plushie-throwing skills are out of this world! She’s a true talent.”
  • “Jennie’s plushie-throwing skills are next level. I can’t stop watching her video on repeat”
  • “Jennie’s plushie-throwing mastery is on another level. She’s definitely in a league of her own”

In essence, Jennie proved herself to be the embodiment of duality, effortlessly transitioning from cute and endearing moments to exuding captivating allure. The BLACKPINK member’s ability to seamlessly shift between these facets only adds to her undeniable charm.

As BLACKPINK continues to shine, Jennie’s genuine interactions with fans remain etched in their hearts, exemplifying the group’s unwavering connection with their devoted global fanbase.

Meanwhile,A heartwarming photograph featuring the mothers of BLACKPINK members Jennie and Lisa has been circulating on Nate Pann, eliciting warm sentiments from fans who were moved by the display of their close relationships.