BLACKPINK Jennie Goes Viral for Ramen Ad with BTS Jin — Fans in Frenzy Over Unexpected Twist

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BLACKPINK’s Jennie, known for her iconic brand endorsements, has found herself in an unexpected promotional partnership, this time not with a high-end fashion label, but with a humble ramen brand.

The surprise twist? She’s joined by none other than BTS’s Jin, renowned for his association with the popular “Jin Ramen.”

The Unveiling of the Unconventional Advertisement

Recently, eagle-eyed fans spotted posters featuring Jennie and Jin promoting different ramen brands side by side in a shop in the Philippines.

(Photo : Instagram|@jennierubyjane)

While Jin’s endorsement of “Jin Ramen” is well-established, Jennie’s involvement in the ramen industry raised eyebrows.

The Plot Twist Unveiled

However, upon closer inspection, it was revealed that Jennie’s appearance in the ramen advertisement wasn’t as straightforward as it seemed.

BTS Jin x Ramen Ad
(Photo : Youtube)

Contrary to expectations, the poster didn’t feature an official endorsement by Jennie. Instead, it displayed a random photo of the idol holding a cup of ramen, albeit not consuming it, but rather enjoying dumplings.

The Impact of Unofficial Endorsement

Despite the clear disparity between the ramen brands being promoted, netizens couldn’t help but find amusement in the unconventional use of Jennie’s image for promotional purposes.


Here’s what fans are saying:

they’re using jennie for promo once again and mind u, she isn’t even sponsored. IT girl behavior if u ask me

  jennie isn’t even the brand ambassador but they’re using her to promote the brand

Isn’t this illegal? Using celebrity photo to advertise a product she’s not endorsing

more effective than the actual endorser

what are they yapping about in the qrts? op didn’t even say anything about their faves they just find it cute and funny that the store included jennie’s picture even if she’s not an endorser of the brand 

never said jennie was advertising the same ramen brand their fave was advertising, simply stated that jn is being used to advertise a ramen brand she wasn’t even an endorser in. also never said it was the same brand, so why y’all mad over a harmless tweet? 

Ok those who talking nonsense, just to clarify, THESE TWO ARE DIFFERENT BRANDS. 

R they even allowed to do that? 

jennie impact 

While the legality of such usage may be questionable, it undeniably highlights Jennie’s immense influence in the advertising world, prompting laughter from loyal BLINKs.

In summary, while Jennie’s ramen promotion may not be officially sanctioned, it once again underscores her status as an “IT girl” with unparalleled promotional power.