BLACKPINK Jennie & GOT7 Yugyeom’s Surprise Interaction Causes Online Chaos — Here’s Why

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Netizens are abuzz with excitement as an unexpected interaction unfolded between two K-pop powerhouses, BLACKPINK’s Jennie and GOT7’s Yugyeom, at a recent concert by soloist WOODZ in Seoul.

A Common Bond: Friendship with WOODZ

Beyond their stellar musical careers, both Jennie and Yugyeom share a unique connection- their friendship with the talented K-pop soloist WOODZ. Over the years, the duo has subtly showcased their camaraderie with WOODZ, creating a connection that resonates with fans.

(Photo : Twitter)

On January 19, WOODZ held a captivating show in Seoul, marking a pre-enlistment event. Among the fervent crowd of fans were Jennie and Yugyeom, both visibly enjoying the performance along with other notable stars.

The Unexpected Dance Challenge Sparks Hilarity

The highlight of the evening came when WOODZ initiated a dance challenge during the show. As he sought volunteers to showcase the moves on the big screen, an unexpected turn of events led to Jennie and Yugyeom becoming the focal point.

In a humorous twist, WOODZ acknowledged Jennie with a shoutout, prompting her to initially volunteer for the dance challenge. However, the unexpected laughter ensued when Jennie noticed Yugyeom in the back, attempting to catch WOODZ’s attention.

Yugyeom Succeeds with Flying Colors

Thanks to Jennie’s playful efforts, Yugyeom eventually caught WOODZ’s attention and secured a spot on the big screen. With the support of WOODZ and the enthusiastic crowd, Yugyeom flawlessly executed the dance challenge, leaving a lasting impression on fans.

(Photo : Twitter) Yugyeom

Internet Meltdown and Fans’ Reaction

As the video of this unexpected yet delightful interaction surfaced online, netizens couldn’t contain their excitement. Comments flooded in, expressing joy over witnessing the camaraderie between these two top idols and applauding Jennie’s role in facilitating Yugyeom’s spotlight moment.



The incident served as a reminder of the charm that inter-group interactions bring to the K-pop scene, turning events like WOODZ’s concert into unforgettable experiences for fans of BLACKPINK, GOT7, and WOODZ alike.