BLACKPINK Jennie Latest Visuals Draws Divided Responses: ‘Is That Really Her?’

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BLACKPINK member Jennie’s recent visuals have surprisingly drawn divided responses from Korean netizens.

Ever since she debuted with BLACKPINK in 2016, Jennie has been praised for her gorgeous, cat-like visuals. With her thin, petite frame paired with her chic aura, Jennie is known as one of the it girls of K-pop. While she is still loved by fans worldwide, her latest visuals have caught some netizens off-guard.

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BLACKPINK Jennie Seen Heading to New York

On May 2, 2024, BLACKPINK member Jennie was seen leaving for New York to attend an overseas schedule through Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 in Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon. As expected, journalists were seen at the airport to snap photos of the beloved idol.

Soon, photos of the idol made it to the internet. That same day, a post titled “No, but is this really Jennie?” was uploaded to the well-known South Korean online community forum.



A post shared by instagram

The original poster (OP) shared several photos of the female idol in their post. In their caption, they wrote how shocked they were seeing how she looked, and even questioned if that was really her. They also claimed that they didn’t purposely try to find weird photos of the “SOLO” songstress, and just chose the ones that they saw.

BLACKPINK Jennie Latest Visuals Draws Divided Responses

In her photos, Jennie is seen with relatively chubbier cheeks. Her face appeared bloated, and she had a slight double chin when she tilted back her head. This is likely why the netizen commented on the idol’s “changed” visuals.

While some agreed with OP, many also defended Jennie. While they admit the photos are not flattering, they noted that in videos from that day, Jennie looks the same as she usually does. With that, it’s likely due to the bad angle and flashing lights that caused her to look that way in journalist photos.

Some comments read,

  • “Just because there are a few bad pictures out there doesn’t mean her face changed, so why are you triggered? Yeah, these don’t look like Jennie, but you can just go to her Instagram instead.”
  • “Look at the videos of Jennie leaving the country. She looks the same.”
  • “What? Jennie is still pretty though. Why is she getting hate?”
  • “Well, she looked the same in the videos.”

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