BLACKPINK Jennie & LE SSERAFIM Yunjin in Sizzling Hot Halter Tops — Who Wore It Better?

In a recent fashion face-off that left fans and media alike buzzing, BLACKPINK’s Jennie and LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin showcased their distinct style prowess while sporting the same “hot girl” halter top.

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These two exceptionally talented idols are known not only for their musical prowess but also for their impeccable fashion sense, which was on full display in this head-turning showdown.

Jennie’s Casual Elegance 

Jennie, a global sensation, gave fans an intimate look into her iconic Met Gala debut through her personal vlog . Amid preparations for the prestigious event, she found time to connect with fellow superstar Dua Lipa for a podcast interview.

Opting for a video chat, Jennie selected a chic draped striped halter top, a far cry from a trendy cutout dress.


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She paired the top with cream-colored linen pants, elevating her ensemble with a gold-stacked necklace that beautifully complemented the neckline of her choice. The result was a casual yet subtly luxurious look that demonstrated her innate style flair.

Yunjin’s Streetwear Chic 

On the other side of this fashion duel, LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin sported the same halter top, but with an entirely different vibe. Her choice was equally attention-grabbing, catching the eye of Korean media outlet Dispatch.

Currently on their FLAME RISES tour, LE SSERAFIM had just concluded shows in Korea and Japan when Yunjin shared glimpses of her off-stage moments on her personal Instagram.


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In Japan, she donned the MUSINSA halter top with cargo pants, Converse shoes, and a trendy handbag, crafting a casual streetwear look with an undeniable girl-next-door charm. Adding a flowy white top for a day trip added depth to her outfit, solidifying her status as a style icon in her own right.

Both Jennie and Yunjin effortlessly exuded chic, confidence, and coolness in their MUSINSA halter tops, proving that it’s not just about what you wear but how you wear it.

Netizens’ comments:

  • “Jennie always slaying the fashion game! She looks fierce and confident in that halter top”
  • “Yunjin brings a unique and classy touch to the same halter top. Love her elegant vibes”
  • “Both ladies look amazing! It’s fascinating how they can rock the same outfit but give off completely different vibes”
  • “Yunjin’s graceful aura shines through in that halter top. She exudes elegance effortlessly”
  • “Blackpink’s Jennie and LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin prove that fashion is all about personal style. Both queens”
  • “Jennie and Yunjin both rocked the halter top in their own way. It’s all about individuality”

Their unique interpretations of the same fashion piece served as a testament to their individuality and fashion prowess, captivating fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

As these K-pop idols continue to make waves in the music and fashion worlds, their fans eagerly anticipate what sartorial surprises they have in store next. Stay tuned for more style inspirations from these trendsetting “it girls” of their generations.

Meanwhile,In an exclusive article by TV Report, it says that analysts are positive that BLACKPINK Jennie will renew her contract with YG Entertainment and claims the idol’s upcoming solo comeback.