BLACKPINK Jennie & Model Shin Hyunji Share Their Runway Laughter Chronicles—You Won’t Believe the Hilarity

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Renowned model Shin Hyunji recently shared a delightful anecdote about her experiences on the runway, shedding light on her close friendship with BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

This revelation occurred during her appearance on the popular web entertainment show “Salon Drip,” which was unveiled to the public on the 12th of September.

As viewers tuned in to hear Shin Hyunji’s recounting of her runway adventures, they were treated to a glimpse of the intriguing intersection between high fashion and personal relationships.

A Peek Behind the Glamour: Shin Hyunji’s Runway Realities and Laughter Battles

During the episode, Shin Hyunji delved into the unique challenges faced by models, particularly those concerning interactions with familiar faces in the audience.

Shin Hyunji

(Photo : Instagram|@iamhyunjishin)
Shin Hyunji

She humorously referred to this as the “hold back laughter challenge,” highlighting the difficulty of maintaining a composed demeanor when encountering acquaintances during her runway appearances. It’s a challenge that many in the industry face but rarely discuss openly.

In particular, Shin Hyunji candidly discussed her encounters with none other than her close friend, Jennie from BLACKPINK.

Her voice carried a warm affection as she remarked, “For example, when Jennie comes, it would be nice to know where she’s sitting, but by the time Jennie arrives, I have to change my clothes, so I can’t look at my phone.”

This glimpse into the behind-the-scenes frenzy of a model’s life hinted at the logistical intricacies they navigate in the high-paced world of fashion.

However, it was when Shin Hyunji began to imitate Jennie’s charming expressions that the audience truly connected with the humorous and heartwarming aspect of her story.

Blackpink Jennie & Shin Hyunji

(Photo : Instagram|@iamhyunjishin)
Blackpink Jennie & Shin Hyunji

With an infectious smile, she shared, “She just has to look at me. Isn’t she so cute and funny?” Her words were laced with genuine affection and fondness for her dear friend, and it was evident that their camaraderie was a cherished bond.

 Jennie’s Witty Winks vs. Shin Hyunji’s Professionalism

Nonetheless, this camaraderie also presented its own set of challenges for Shin Hyunji, as she confessed, “Since I know where Jennie is, I have to keep holding back laughter.”

The runway, typically a place of poise and elegance, became a stage for an inner battle between professionalism and friendship, with Shin Hyunji caught in the middle.

The model’s humorous anecdote continued as she elaborated on the persistence of this struggle. “Even after one section is done, I have to come back to the show. I keep feeling her gaze.

When she comes back, the camera is behind my head and I can’t see it, so she winks to let me know she found me.

Shin Hyunji’s description painted a vivid picture of the comical moments she experiences on the runway, caught between her professional duties and the friendly antics of Jennie.

Genuine Connections Amidst Glamour: Shin Hyunji and Jennie’s Endearing Friendship

Shin Hyunji’s lighthearted revelation not only provided a glimpse into the backstage dynamics of the fashion world but also showcased the genuine and playful friendship she shares with Jennie.

Blackpink Jennie & Shin Hyunji

(Photo : Instagram|@iamhyunjishin)
Blackpink Jennie & Shin Hyunji

It was a delightful reminder that even in the high-stakes world of fashion, laughter and genuine connections can still take center stage.

As fans eagerly await more moments of camaraderie between these two talented women, Shin Hyunji’s entertaining story serves as a testament to the power of friendship and the ability to find moments of joy amidst the glamour and chaos of the runway.