BLACKPINK Jennie Unique Styling at Tokyo Event Leaves Fans Mesmerized

BLACKPINK member Jennie recently attended an event in Tokyo, and the idol has left fans mesmerized with her unique, one-of-a-kind styling.

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Earlier this month, Gentle Monster released their third project made in collaboration with Jennie. The collection features several eyewear embellished with unique, beautiful charms that fans can mix and match to create a diverse experience. To celebrate the launch, Jennie attended an event in Tokyo.

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BLACKPINK Jennie Gorgeous Styling at Jentle Salon Tokyo Event Leaves Fans Shook

On April 29, 2024, BLACKPINK member Jennie was seen at a Gentle Monster pop-up store in Tokyo, Japan, to celebrate the release of her collection with the brand, Jentle Salon. The event was private, but that did not stop BLINKs from waiting outside the store to catch a glimpse of their favorite idol.

For the event, Jennie wore a sleeveless, white dress paired with matching white tights. She accessorized the look with a black scarf and brown loafers. However, what stood out the most is the idol’s make-up and hair.

On this day, Jennie sported bright red lipstick and two, long braided pigtails at the back of her head. The idol matched her bright red lipstick with bright red blush that stands out against her pale complexion. She also wore eye glasses from her Jentle Salon collection.

BLINKs know that Jennie is one of the most fashionable stars out there. Throughout her career, the idol has gone viral several times for her looks, and has kickstarted trends that became hits among K-pop stars. However, fans believe this is the idol’s best look so far!

This unique, girly, coquette look is refreshing, as it is vastly different from the black and hardcore outfits BLACKPINK wears on stage. It was also noted that, during the airport, Jennie rocked something sporty and casual, which is extremely different from her event look. Fans could not get over her duality!

It is unknown how long Jennie will remain in Tokyo, but fans are hoping to see more of her fashion while she’s in the city!

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BLACKPINK Jennie Recent Activities

On April 26, 2024, Zico released the song and music video for “SPOT!,” with Jennie as a featuring artist. Back on March 8, Matt Champion of Brockhampton released the song “Slow Motion” featuring Jennie, which was included in the male’s debut studio album, “Mika’s Laundry.”

 BLACKPINK Jennie Unique Styling at Tokyo Event Leaves Fans Mesmerized
 BLACKPINK Jennie Unique Styling at Tokyo Event Leaves Fans Mesmerized
(Photo : Jennie Instagram)

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In March 2024, Jennie was the face of Maisok Kitsune’s Spring 2024 campaign, “Baby Fox.”