BLACKPINK Jennie’s Chinese Social Media Account Gathered Attention Amid Smoking Scandal

BLACKPINK’s Jennie recently got caught up in a scandal as she was spotted smoking vape indoors in front of her staff in Italy, where smoking indoors is against the law. Although Jennie has officially apologized, many Korean netizens believe her apology was insincere as she didn’t issue it herself but through her management company, making them wonder if she actually wrote it.

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blackpink jennie weibo
blackpink jennie weibo

In the midst of the scandal, on July 10, many people discovered that Jennie’s official account on the Chinese social network Weibo suddenly showed the status “online”. This move caused the online community to raise many questions.

People believe that Jennie went on this social network to take a look at Chinese netizens’ reactions to the smoking controversy. Others argue that that employees of ODD ATELIER, Jennie’s company, logged in this social network account after fans complained about it being ignored. On the other hand, many people say that it is very likely that Jennie will make a comeback soon and announcements on all social networks are extremely important, so ODD ATELIER is having the Weibo account carefully prepared.

jennie blackpink

Meanwhile, ODD ATELIER’s staff used to receive criticism from fans for not working properly. A female manager was also criticized for posting photos taken in Italy on Instagram even before Jennie. Jennie’s two major international fanbases have even mass-mailed the company to criticize them for not caring about the artist’s image and neglecting her social media accounts.