BLACKPINK Jennie’s Comeback Sparks Speculation— Is She Set to Extend Her Contract?

In recent developments, netizens have been actively responding to YG Entertainment’s latest announcement regarding BLACKPINK’s Jennie, who is poised to make a solo comeback.

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On October 4, YG Entertainment disclosed that Jennie is set to return to the music scene with the release of “You & Me.” Interestingly, this particular track had been previously showcased by the idol during BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK tour, but it will now see an official release under her solo endeavor.

Amidst Contract Uncertainties

This announcement arrives during a notably uncertain period for BLACKPINK’s devoted fan base, as the group’s members have yet to finalize their contract extensions with YG Entertainment.

Earlier reports had hinted that Rosé might be the sole member opting to renew her contract, sparking considerable interest and speculation.


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Shortly thereafter, additional reports surfaced, suggesting that Jennie and Jisoo were contemplating the establishment of their own individual agencies to oversee their respective solo ventures.


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Netizens have promptly shared their reactions to this latest revelation, as well as the accompanying promotional poster. Many have expressed their heightened anticipation for the impending release of “You & Me.”

Netizens’ comments: 

  • “Jennie is not slowing down anytime soon Go Jennie”
  • “I hope Jennie renews her contract! She’s such a talented artist and BLACKPINK wouldn’t be the same without her.”
  • “Renewal or not, I’m just glad to see Jennie back with new music. She always slays!”
  • “I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for an official announcement regarding Jennie’s contract. The suspense is killing me!”
  • “If Jennie doesn’t renew her contract, I’ll be devastated. She’s my bias and BLACKPINK won’t be complete without her.”
  • “Regardless of whether she renews or not, I support Jennie and her decision. She deserves happiness and success.”

This announcement has further fueled discussions concerning the future trajectory of BLACKPINK and the potential implications of ongoing contract negotiations among its members.

As this unfolding situation continues to garner attention, fans and industry observers alike will undoubtedly remain vigilant for any forthcoming updates regarding BLACKPINK’s contractual arrangements and the evolving solo endeavors of its members.