BLACKPINK Jennie’s Influence Makes Gentle Monster’s Record Purchase Waves in Gangnam

In a groundbreaking move marking a pinnacle in South Korea’s real estate history, IICOMBINED, the parent company of renowned eyewear brand Gentle Monster, has secured both the single-family and multi-family homes in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, for a record-breaking sum of 28.5 billion KRW (approximately 22.3 million USD).

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This all-cash transaction not only underlines IICOMBINED’s formidable financial strength but also strategically positions the conglomerate for further expansion.

The luxurious properties, located in one of Seoul’s most prestigious neighborhoods, represent a bold statement by IICOMBINED in the real estate market.

The acquisition comes on the heels of the company’s ambitious investment strategy, including a 34 billion KRW (approximately 24.5 million USD) venture last November to develop a commercial and office building at the same prime location.

A significant catalyst behind IICOMBINED’s meteoric rise has been its flagship brand, Gentle Monster, which has achieved global acclaim in recent years.

Central to this success has been the collaboration with BLACKPINK’s Jennie, whose association with the brand has garnered widespread attention. 

(Photo : Gentle Monster)

Referred to by many as “Jennie’s Sunglasses,” Gentle Monster’s products have not only become fashion staples but also symbols of luxury and style, elevating the brand to new heights in the competitive eyewear market.

Jennie's Glasses
Jennie’s Glasses
(Photo : gentlemonster)

Jennie’s influence in shaping Gentle Monster’s brand narrative has been instrumental in IICOMBINED’s broader corporate strategy.

The synergy between celebrity endorsement and brand visibility has proven immensely effective, solidifying Gentle Monster’s position as a leader in the fashion industry.

Founded in 2011, IICOMBINED has rapidly expanded its portfolio beyond eyewear, venturing into diverse sectors including cosmetics with brands like Tamburins and desserts with Nudake.

Bolstered by a robust financial performance, the conglomerate reported consolidated revenues of 608.27 billion KRW and an operating profit of 151.11 billion KRW last year, marking a substantial growth trajectory in a competitive market landscape.

The recent real estate acquisitions underscore IICOMBINED’s confidence in its market position and future growth prospects.

As the company continues to leverage strategic investments and celebrity partnerships, such as Jennie’s collaboration with Gentle Monster, it remains poised for continued success and innovation in the global marketplace.