BLACKPINK Jennie’s Lookalike Stuns Internet with Unbelievable Makeover— Must See

In the recent, the internet was abuzz with the uncanny resemblance of a young model to none other than BLACKPINK’s iconic rapper, Jennie.

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That model was Han Sung Min, who quickly gained notoriety for her striking visual similarity to the K-Pop sensation. Fast forward two years, and she was once again in the spotlight, capturing hearts with her timeless beauty, even as a teenager.

Jennie’s Doppelgänger: The Timeless Resemblance 

Now, five years later, at the age of 21, Han Sung Min has evolved into an even more captivating version of herself. Her beauty has matured, and she has cultivated a distinct style that complements her innate charm.

Active on social media, where she boasts 180,000 followers, Han Sung Min continues to enchant her audience. What’s intriguing is that, despite the passage of time, she still retains a subtle yet undeniable hint of Jennie’s visual allure.


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The captivating cat eyes, symmetrical features, and sharp bone structure that define Jennie’s beauty also find echoes in Han Sung Min’s face.

Furthermore, both share an elegant aura that seamlessly aligns with the image of luxury brands. In fact, both have ventured into the world of fashion modeling, with Han Sung Min also gracing the runway for CHANEL.

Han Sung Min

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But the intrigue doesn’t stop at the resemblance to Jennie. Keen-eyed netizens have noticed that Han Sung Min also bears striking similarities to other K-Pop luminaries, such as Suzy and f(x)’s Sulli.

In a testament to her adaptability, Han Sung Min’s appearance has evolved to encompass a likeness to newer K-Pop idols, including NewJeans’ Minji, Olivia Hye (formerly of LOONA), and IVE’s Wonyoung.

Han Sung Min

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However, her talents aren’t confined to modeling alone. Han Sung Min has expanded her portfolio to include acting, featuring in notable K-Dramas like “Nineteen,” “Moment At Eighteen,” and “Twenty-Twenty.” Most recently, she graced the silver screen in the 2021 film “Snowball,” where she assumed the role of So Young.

Han Sung Min’s journey is a testament to her remarkable growth and adaptability, not just in the world of fashion and beauty but also in the realm of entertainment. As she continues to evolve, her ever-growing fanbase eagerly anticipates what she’ll conquer next.