BLACKPINK Jennie’s Solo Project Sparks Contract Renewal Controversy— Will the Iconic Group Disband?

In recent developments in the world of entertainment, the contractual relationship between South Korea’s preeminent girl group, BLACKPINK, and YG Entertainment has reached its expiration, precipitating a flurry of speculation regarding the future plans of the group’s four members.

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Notably, Lisa has opted not to renew her contract for the second time, leaving Rosé as the sole member to have reportedly extended her association with the entertainment company. It has been officially affirmed by YG Entertainment that negotiations are currently in progress.

Jennie’s Solo Journey

Jennie, a prominent figure within BLACKPINK, recently graced the cover of the esteemed Korean fashion publication, “Harper’s Bazaar,” where she subtly hinted at an impending solo endeavor during an interview.

When probed about her forthcoming musical direction, Jennie revealed that she is diligently crafting a project that is distinctly reflective of her personal style. Although the matter of BLACKPINK’s contract renewal was not explicitly addressed, enthusiasts can anticipate fresh solo works from the artist.

Since their debut seven years ago, each member of BLACKPINK has achieved worldwide acclaim and recognition. They recently wrapped up their “BORN PINK” world tour with an encore performance.

However, the uncertainty surrounding the contract renewal has prompted conjecture about whether this marked their final collective appearance.

According to reports in the Korean media, ROSé, the group’s lead vocalist, has inked an extension with YG Entertainment, yet negotiations are ongoing for the remaining three members.


(Photo : Instagram|@jennierubyjane@)

In the event that other members opt not to renew their contracts, YG Entertainment has voiced their intent to sustain BLACKPINK’s activities as a trio. Nevertheless, it remains unconfirmed whether Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa will seek affiliations with other entertainment entities.


(Photo : Instagram|@jennierubyjane@)

As fans await with bated breath for further updates on the future trajectory of BLACKPINK, Jennie’s imminent solo project is generating a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation for her individual musical journey.

Meanwhile,In a recent BLACKPINK’s Jennie faced a whirlwind of opinions and debates following her appearance at the 2023 Met Gala. The K-pop star’s vintage CHANEL dress attracted criticism from those who felt it was too simple and failed to capture the event’s theme.