BLACKPINK Jennie’s styles that have gone viral in the community and in real life since her debut until now

Human Gucci at MMA and Gayo Daejeon 1 year after debut

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Highteen style in As If It’s Your Last

Off-the-shoulder shirt at the Yonsei festival

Balmain dress at Golden Disc

Chanel strap at Gayo Daejeon

Saint Laurent Jennie

Prada Jennie

3 consecutive Chanel events

Sprite event

Solo promotional outfits

Chanel Jennie/Red Jennie on Gaon Chart

White Jennie is at Golden Disc

Chanel’s off-the-shoulder sweater at the fansign

Airport fashion with vintage Chanel, crop top, tweed shirt, pink shirt…

Paris Fashion Week

Tomb Raider Kill This Love

Two-tone hair How You Like That

Gentle Monster glasses

Calvin Klein

Orange hair


COS bag

Balletcore in You&Me

Miss Sohee’s white tiger outfit

Ink drawing shirt

Airport fashion part 2: Shirt dress/Chanel dress/Amomento dress + Chanel boots

1. Jennie definitely has a nice and attractive body… I don’t think she’s a standard beauty but she dresses really well and attracts attention

2. Wow, I saved all the pictures

3. Hul, was she ‘Human Gucci’ before becoming a Chanel ambassador???

4. Wow, I’m someone who doesn’t care about Jennie but I’ve seen all these pictures

5. I’m not even a fan but I want to save all the pictures…

6. It’s hard to find something that doesn’t suit that body shape

7. Seriously, every moment is legendary, she was born to be a celebrity

8. Everything is beautiful

9. Jennie is a legend of all time.. Jennie = hot girl

10. When it comes to hot girls, the first person I think of is Jennie

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