BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Debut Movie Cameo Leaves Korean Media Awestruck—Here’s What They’re Saying

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Following the announcement of BLACKPINK Jisoo’s venture into the world of cinema, netizens have eagerly awaited the reviews of the idol’s maiden movie cameo.

Jisoo, known for her captivating presence and often likened to an actress, made her mark with a leading role in the JTBC series “Snowdrop,” alongside actor Jung Hae In.

The exciting news broke that Jisoo would make a special cameo appearance in the film “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman.”

During a press conference, the director expressed, “While searching for an actor who could embody the image of a fairy, I thought of Jisoo after witnessing her performance in ‘Snowdrop.'”

Media and Fans Alike Captivated by Jisoo’s Enchanting Fairy-Like Debut

On September 20, a first glimpse of Jisoo’s character was unveiled, staying true to the initial descriptions of her resembling a genuine fairy.


(Photo : Osen)

The buzz surrounding Jisoo’s film debut left netizens eagerly awaiting the critical reception, especially following the initial screenings. It appears that numerous media outlets couldn’t help but shower praise on the idol for her brief appearance.

One media outlet asserted that Jisoo’s mere presence on the screen had the power to transform the atmosphere within the theater.

“Jisoo, who is about to make her first movie appearance in ‘Dr. Cheon And Lost Talisman,’ is a character that cannot help but catch your attention. The moment you meet Jisoo, the atmosphere in the theater will be buzzing, raising more expectations,” reported Osen.

JTBC News also chimed in, predicting that Jisoo’s cameo would undoubtedly capture the audience’s attention.

Bright Prospects Ahead: Anticipating More Opportunities for Jisoo in K-Dramas and Movies

Furthermore, the trusted actor Park Jungmin and Jisoo, adored by the public both as an actor and a member of the global K-Pop sensation BLACKPINK, are set for a special collaboration that promises to engage the audience, as per JTBC

Even fans who had the privilege of attending the premiere couldn’t contain their excitement, with one admirer noting, “Fairy Jisoo looks very pretty.”

As reviews from Korean media outlets and regular viewers began to circulate, international fans joined in, relishing the positive opinions regarding Jisoo.


Here’s what fans are saying:

seeing all these reviews of the movie, constantly praising jisoo with her cameo, makes me wanna fast forward the days like PLS BE THE 27TH TOMORROW

i’m living with the good reviews abt jisoo in the movie

all I’m gon say is the reviews are great! jisoo stole the show

While the idol has previously held prominent roles, this marks her debut in the world of cinema, a fact that resonated deeply with netizens who lauded the reactions she garnered for her brief cameo appearance, with many expressing their hopes for a bright future filled with more opportunities.


(Photo : Instagram|@sooyaaa__)

Buoyed by these overwhelmingly favorable reviews, many are optimistic that Jisoo will receive further invitations from directors to grace both K-Dramas and movies with her talents.