BLACKPINK Lisa and Thai Actress Noon Woranuch’s Beauty During Recent Encounter Captivates Fans 

A recent rendezvous between BLACKPINK Lisa and the renowned Thai actress Noon Woranuch makes fans excited.  

On September 10th, Noon Woranuch shared photos of her taken with BLACKPINK Lisa on Instagram, sparking immense interest. The shared photos depict the two running into each other at a local restaurant. While Lisa stuns with her radiant bare face, Noon Woranuch impresses with her youthful appearance at 43. 

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The striking beauty of the two when captured together swiftly garners over 300,000 likes. Comments like “Absolutely stunning,” “Lisa looks gorgeous,” and “Both are pretty” have flooded. 

lisa blackpink

Noon Woranuch added to the excitement by wearing a beanie with the name “LALISA” and openly admitting her astonishment at her unexpected encounter with Lisa at the restaurant.

Lisa’s gorgeous appearance without makeup echoes previous instances where she has captivated fans with her lovely bare face, even when she looks sleepy.

Noon Woranuch’s natural beauty also continues to shine off-screen, making her a compelling figure even without makeup. Her timeless appearance and sharp features affirm her status as one of the top beauties in Thailand’s entertainment industry. 

Source: K14