BLACKPINK Lisa Faces Backlash for Eating McDonald’s Amid Boycott

BLACKPINK Lisa earned the ire of social media users after she was seen eating McDonald’s amid global boycott.

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On March 6, the solo label of the star, LLOUD, unveiled the behind-the-scenes clips of Lisa’s previous trip to Paris to grace the 2024 F/W Louis Vuitton Fashion Show. 

In the video, BLACKPINK Lisa, who was invited as a special guest of the luxury brand, showed off her striking beauty and unique fashion style. Her impressive height and physique also stunned viewers, who all agreed that she would most likely become a successful professional model if she didn’t become an idol.

Unfortunately, not everyone was delighted to see the snippets of her affair after a clip showed her eating McDonald’s.

BLACKPINK Lisa Raised Brows for Eating McDonald’s

Upon the release of her video, it immediately earned high interest, with over 7.1 million views on Instagram reels as of writing.

In the comments, people were praising her for her “Queen” and “Boss Lady” aura, also lauding her first official activity under her own label as its artist and CEO after she left YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK Lisa Faces Backlash for Eating McDonald's Amid Boycott — What Happened?
(Photo : Lisa (LLOUD Instagram))

While Lisa earned overwhelming love and support on Instagram, it was the other way around on the X platform, where netizens called her out for a certain detail from the video that made their blood boil.

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Looking closely at the clip, Lisa who wore an elegant outfit was seen eating McDonalds. It could be a humble food choice for the star, but fans weren’t particularly delighted that she was seen eating food from the food chain amid the boycott.

For those who aren’t aware, K-pop fandoms all over the world are joining the Boycott, Divestment, Sanction (BDS) movement, aiming for Israel to lose international support (especially financially) to stop its ongoing genocidal acts against Palestinians.

BLACKPINK Lisa Faces Backlash for Eating McDonald's Amid Boycott — What Happened?
(Photo : Lisa (LLOUD Instagram))

Some of the products that K-pop fans are particularly boycotting include Starbucks and McDonalds, who were said to be some of the companies who showed support to Israel.

Amid the controversy, BLINKs (BLACKPINK fans) and Lilies (Lisa’s fandom) defended the idol, claiming that she wasn’t in any way showing its support for the genocide just by eating McDonald’s.


BLACKPINK Lisa Criticized for Eating McDonald’s During Global Boycott

However, K-pop fans and netizens weren’t impressed by this reason, given that Lisa could have used her status as a huge global star to influence people to join the boycott, rather than showing obliviousness.

Fans also complained about how Lisa’s fans were giving her “special treatment,” pointing out that it could have become a huge issue if other idols were seen eating McDonald’s or drinking from Starbucks.

Earlier, various K-pop idols were already called out for doing so, such as Jeon Somi, ENHYPEN Jake, SHINee Minho and more.