BLACKPINK Lisa Reportedly Turns Down YG’s Contract Offers, Receives Lucrative International Offers

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has reportedly rejected YG’s 50 billion won contract. This leaves fans curious about the group’s future

According to reports from StarNews on September 14, BLACKPINK Lisa has turned down not one, but two contract offers from YG Entertainment.

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What makes this decision even more striking is the value of the proposed contract is a whopping 50 billion won (40 million dollars.)

lisa blackpink

And that’s not all. Lisa has reportedly received invitations from numerous foreign companies, including those from her home country Thailand. Some offering contracts worth tens of millions of dollars.

This development comes at a crucial time when discussions about the contract renewal for YG Entertainment and BLACKPINK as a whole are still ongoing. Even after the contract deadlines, BLACKPINK’s previously planned schedules remain valid. This leaves fans eagerly awaiting official announcements regarding the future of BLACKPINK members at YG.