BLACKPINK Lisa Shocks BLINKs with Her ‘Hidden’ Acting Debut in THIS Country Almost 2 Decades Ago— Here’s What Stans Say

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BLACKPINK Lisa has always been hailed as a multitalented powerhouse, known for her exceptional skills in rapping, dancing, and singing.

However, it seems that the idol had yet another hidden talent up her sleeve, as BLINKs were recently astounded by her “secret” acting debut.

BLACKPINK Lisa Stuns BLINKs with Her Acting Debut in 2006 Thai Drama ‘Beggar Princess’

Lisa’s versatility knows no bounds, and she has consistently proven her mettle as a true all-rounder in the world of K-pop.


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From her electrifying dance moves to her rap verses that leave fans in awe, Lisa has been a force to be reckoned with since her debut.


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But it was her unexpected foray into acting that recently took fans by surprise. On September 19, clips from the Thai drama “Beggar Princess” (known as “Jao Ying Kor Taan” in English) surfaced online.

The video left fans astonished as they realized a young Lisa had made her acting debut in the show back in 2006.

BLACKPINK Lisa’s Surprise Acting Debut Unites BLINKs Worldwide in Celebration

Thai BLINKs were the first to spot Lisa’s appearance in the drama, and the revelation swiftly went viral among fans worldwide.


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BLINKs flooded social media platforms with their thoughts on Lisa’s newfound “all-rounder” status. One fan tweeted: “So Lisa already made her acting debut and we didn’t know; she is an actress since forever “

Another fan pondered: “Lisa joined a dance competition when she was a kid. Now we have Mentor Lisa. Lisa sang when she was a kid. Now we have Idol Lisa. Lisa acted when she was a kid. Are we gonna get Actress Lisa?”

A proud BLINK exclaimed: “Lisa has been dancing, singing, and even acting since she was a kid. You know this girl is a very talented human being. Some idols could never.”

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement: “WE NEED ACTRESS LISA COMEBACK!LISA has been an all-rounder since she was a child, from dancing to modeling to singing to acting. We need to see more of Lisa and her capabilities. So much potential.”

But some questioned the long hiatus from acting: “Lisa being an actress before she even auditioned for YG and not having even one acting gig after 10+ years in YG is so backward.”

Lisa’s unexpected revelation of her acting debut has only added another layer to her multifaceted talent, further solidifying her status as one of K-pop’s most versatile and extraordinary idols.

As BLINKs eagerly await more surprises from this sensational star, it’s clear that Lisa’s potential knows no bounds, and her journey as an “all-rounder” is far from over.