BLACKPINK Lisa ‘Walks Away’ from $40M YG Contract —Find Out Why

In a surprising turn of events, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, one of the world’s most renowned K-pop idols, has reportedly turned down a substantial contract offer from YG Entertainment, her current agency.

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As per a report by Star News on September 14, this development has raised significant questions about the future of BLACKPINK, a globally beloved girl group.

Lisa’s Bold Rejection 

Currently, all four members of BLACKPINK find themselves in the final year of their contract with YG Entertainment.

Amidst this contractual crossroads, Lisa has emerged as the center of attention, having allegedly received multiple contract proposals from global entertainment labels, each valued at tens of millions of dollars. These offers are said to hail from various corners of the world, including her native Thailand.


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The situation takes a more intriguing turn with reports suggesting that Lisa has rejected not one but two contract offers from YG Entertainment. While the precise figures remain unconfirmed, rumors are circulating that the value of the second offer she declined stands at $40 M.

The decision by Lisa to decline such a colossal contract from her current agency has left fans and industry insiders alike speculating about the potential implications for BLACKPINK.

Netizens’ comments:

  • “I hope Lisa is doing well and making decisions that are best for her. I’m sure she’ll continue to be successful no matter what she chooses to do.”
  • “Yes Queen! Know you’re worth more than that.”
  • “they treated her very differently, 7yr it wasn’t easy for her as a Thai woman in a Korean country, a Korean company or what was even scarier, she didn’t have anyone she could trust there, when the contract ended she would have considered many things, so it wasn’t all about money”
  • “thats why the keep doing the smear campaign.. lisa no scandal for 7 years,, but now its everyday”
  • “If she did that, it means she has a bigger and a better offer from a different label… letsssss goooo lisaaaaa”
  • “What YG treats Lisa In the past, some Koreans wanted Lisa to leave the group and were racist, took advantage, and prevented Lisa from growing. But today you guys and YG used dirty methods on this woman. Lisa, you did the right thing and go out and grow and do what you want to do”

With her fellow group members also facing contract negotiations, the group’s future is now uncertain, and fans are left pondering whether this could signal a pivotal moment in BLACKPINK’s journey.

As fans eagerly await official statements from both Lisa and YG Entertainment regarding these contract negotiations, the K-pop world is abuzz with anticipation, and the fate of one of the world’s most iconic girl groups hangs in the balance.

Meanwhile,a recent airport incident, BLACKPINK’s Lisa found herself in an unexpected situation that left both her and netizens amused.