BLACKPINK Lisa’s Controversial Show at Paris Cabaret Raises Questions About Her Contract Renewal with YG

BLACKPINK Lisa recently stirred up a controversy by teasing her performances at Paris cabaret Crazy Horse.

This has led to speculations regarding Lisa’s contract with YG Entertainment.

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Lisa’s decision to self-promote her performances at Paris cabaret Crazy Horse left fans and netizens divided. Crazy Horse Cabaret in Paris is well-known for the performances where attendees pay for the experience and are expected to maintain confidentiality about the activities. Lisa is set to transform into a “crazy girl” and perform classic medleys.

lisa crazy horse

However, unlike previous BLACKPINK schedules, Lisa’s announcement faced backlash from a number of fans, with a Chinese fanbase even ceasing their activities and criticizing her choice.

Surprisingly, YG has remained silent on the matter. Lisa independently promoted the show on her Instagram, suggesting that this schedule may not be under the company’s management.

The Idol

This controversy comes at a time when BLACKPINK members seem to be gaining more control in their solo activities. Jennie previously faced criticism when she starred in HBO’s “The Idol”. YG later clarified that acting in “The Idol” was solely Jennie’s decision. This has left fans questioning the dynamics within the group and YG.

The situation further fuels speculation about Lisa’s future with YG. Media reports have consistently hinted at the possibility of Lisa receiving lucrative offers from external parties. Her decision to perform at a nightclub, a departure from the typical K-pop trajectory, has intensified the controversy.

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Fans wonder whether YG still plays a significant role in guiding the careers of BLACKPINK members or if the terms of their management have evolved.

Additionally, Lisa’s rumored romance with the third son of the LVMH empire adds another layer of intrigue to her future prospects. Many believe that she may choose to part ways with YG or that the management terms have undergone substantial changes, granting BLACKPINK members more independence in their solo gigs.

Source: K14.