BLACKPINK Lisa’s Schedule After YG Exit Has Netizens Buzzing — Find Out Why

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Amidst BLACKPINK Lisa’s departure from YG Entertainment, netizens have been vocal about her unexpectedly full calendar of events.

Contracts Concluded, Opportunities Explored

Following the conclusion of their contracts last summer, BLACKPINK members embarked on new endeavors. While the decision not to renew their contracts for individual activities wasn’t disclosed until 2024, Lisa seemed to have a packed schedule throughout.

(Photo : Twitter) BLACKPINK Lisa
(Photo : Twitter) BLACKPINK Lisa

 From her electrifying performance at Crazy Horse to participation in charity events in Paris and engagements with notable figures, Lisa’s calendar remained brimming with commitments.

Venturing into New Horizons

In a surprising turn, Lisa recently unveiled her own venture, LLOUD, marking a significant milestone in her career. Notably, the company has swiftly expanded its reach globally, with promotional efforts spanning across various countries.

(Photo : instagram) BLACKPINK Lisa

 Adding yet another feather to her cap, Lisa is set to make her acting debut in HBO’s acclaimed series, The White Lotus. The announcement elicited excitement among fans and industry enthusiasts alike.

Netizens’ Reactions

Upon witnessing Lisa’s jam-packed schedule, many netizens expressed admiration for her multifaceted talent and relentless work ethic.

“What I love about Lisa is she always surprise us. She’s so clever. “
“YG really was the problem! I think he was gate keeping Lisa the most because she’s already so popular and he didn’t want her to get too big.”
“Yg had always been the problem and no one can convince me otherwise”
“Nd she just announced her label few days ago”
“Lisa’s freedom is heaven”
“Freedom looks so good on her.”

However, some couldn’t help but voice their discontent, attributing Lisa’s newfound freedom and flourishing career to her departure from YG Entertainment. The sentiment resonated with those who believed the agency had constrained her potential.