BLACKPINK Lisa’s Team Draws Flak Following Technical Issues During ‘ROCKSTAR’ Livestream Countdown

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BLACKPINK Lisa’s social media team in LLOUD is drawing backlash for the numerous technical problems during the “ROCKSTAR” livestream countdown.

On June 28, 2024, Lisa released her much-anticipated solo comeback single “ROCKSTAR.”

Earlier that day, her fan base buzzed with excitement as Lisa’s company channel, LLOUD, held a livestream countdown for the music video’s premiere. Many had speculated that Lisa herself would make an appearance during the livestream.

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However, after a 30-minute wait, fans worldwide were left puzzled and disappointed by what appeared to be a pointless stream. The video’s thumbnail only showed Lisa’s picture with the title “ROCKSTAR,” and it lacked a countdown timer.

To add to the confusion, two staff members were heard chatting during the stream, seemingly unaware that their microphone was on.

Though no sensitive information was shared, one team member realized the oversight and hastily instructed, “Mute the live, the fans can hear you.”

The livestream was also randomly restarted five times, further frustrating fans and casting doubts on the professionalism of Lisa’s team.

By the time the music video officially launched, many fans were left wondering about the purpose of the pre-release livestream. Disappointed, some fans suggested that Lisa should consider hiring a new team to prevent such issues in the future.

However, fans still left many supportive comments on the “ROCKSTAR” music video.

In the “ROCKSTAR” music video, Lisa captivated audiences by flaunting a daring new persona through bold and rebellious fashion choices, embodying the essence of a true rock star. This is a major departure from her previous image.

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The song showcased Lisa’s intense dedication to her solo career. “ROCKSTAR” features a sample/instrumental from Tame Impala’s “Same Ol’ Mistakes,” also famously covered by Rihanna.

On top of that, Lisa contributed to the track as a lyricist

Additionally, as rumored on social media, the video featured an impressive ensemble of hundreds of Thai dancers, who joined Lisa in a powerful display of energetic and fiery dance routines, adding to the song’s grandeur.

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