BLACKPINK members deliver touching last talks at “BORN PINK” finale concert

BLACKPINK just wrapped up their long world tour with the encore concert at Gocheok Sky Dome

On September 17th, BLACKPINK held their last concert of “BORN PINK” world tour at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. It was the second day of their Seoul encore concert “‘BORN PINK’ FINALE IN SEOUL”. As YG promised the large scale of the concert with special preparations, BLACKPINK presented spectacular performances and proved their reputation as the first girl group to enter Gocheok Dome, the largest indoor concert venue in Korea.

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The first half of the concert was decorated with band arrangements of “Pink Venom”, “How You Like That”, “Pretty Savage”, “Kick It”, and “Whistle”. After completing the opening stages, each member took the stage to showcase their solo performances. Jennie overwhelmed the audience with her charisma when singing “SOLO” and “You & Me”. Rosé then created an emotional atmosphere with “Gone” and “On The Ground”. Jisoo then excited the whole concert hall with “All Eyes on Me” and “Flower”. Lastly, Lisa boasted her confident rap and powerful dance through the performance of her hit song “Money”.

Later, BLACKPINK reappeared on stage as a whole group and heated the atmosphere with “Kill This Love”, “Lovesick Girls”, “Playing With Fire”, “Typa Girl”, “Shut Down”, “Don’t Know What To Do”, “Tally”, “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, and “Forever Young”. For the encore, the four girls sang “STAY”, “BOOMBAYAH” and “Yeah Yeah Yeah” while going around the concert hall in moving cars to get closer to fans.

Apart from the success of the concert, netizens are also focusing on BLACKPINK’s contract renewal issue after this. Since there have been rumors of Lisa not renewing her contract, fans are worried that this may be their last concert. However, the members have not mentioned the issue directly.


At their last concert of the “BORN PINK” world tour, the members also expressed their sincere feelings towards fans. First, the eldest sister Jisoo shared, “I’m really happy that we were able to complete the concert tour that lasted for a year without anyone getting hurt. I also want to thank BLINKs for making good memories with us until the end”.

Rosé continued, “It feels like yesterday when Jisoo unnie cried at our first concert tour. I can’t believe that it was already 4-5 years ago. To all the fans, thank you for being with us until the end of our second world tour. I could feel that we’ve become one with BLINKs”.

Next, Lisa confessed, “BLINKs~ It’s been 2556 days since we met. I was able to meet BLINKs and perform at various concert venues throughout this tour. BLINKs have given us many great experiences. Thank you for making my 20s shine”.

Lastly, Jennie said, “There have been many ups and downs during the past year. We wanted to show BLINKs many cool performances but I think we didn’t have many chances to see you guys for the past 7 years. Because of that, we really wanted to do the finale concert in Seoul. BLINKs, thank you for always supporting us. We will always be a cool group BLACKPINK”.

Source: Naver