BLACKPINK Rosé Draws Mixed Reactions for Wanting to Have Solo Fandom Name

After opening a suggestion poll for her solo fandom name, BLACKPINK Rosé made BLINKs frown for THESE reasons.

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What happened?

BLACKPINK Rosé Asks for Solo Fandom Name Suggestions — Why Is She Receiving Mixed Reactions?

On February 11, Rosé took to her official broadcast channel on Instagram to hint at her plans to move forward as a soloist, after leaving YG Entertainment.

On this day, she commemorated her 27th birthday with fans, and as a gift to them, she uploaded a snippet of her upcoming song, “Vampirehollie,” which is a track she’s been writing for her supporters since last year.

(Photo : Rosé (Kpopping)

On her broadcast channel, she sent messages, saying:

I know I’ve been away for a minute, but I’ve been working really hard on some things that I’m really excited about. I cannot wait for you all to hear everything!!

But since it’s my birthday, as I occasionally do on this day, I’m gonna give u a small gift.”

She then attached a 20-sec spoiler of her new song called, “Vampirehollie,” which she dedicates to fans.

In return for her gift, Rosé asked a favor of her supporters and asked for a fandom name she would likely be using for her solo activities.

Following her updates, fans of Rosé showed their high anticipation for her upcoming song and are already calling it a massive “hit.”

Unfortunately, the fun and excitement were overshadowed by frustrations from other BLINKs, who frowned upon the fact that Rosé is planning to have her solo fandom name.

According to BLINKs (BLACKPINK fandom), they are very eager to support the members for whatever they want to do as a soloist, but they want to continue being a fan under the fandom name, BLINK.

Another reason why fans are unhappy was due to the assumption that Rosé hinted at having no intention to continue promoting as a BLACKPINK member, for opening her solo community and having her own fandom name.


In 2016, Rosé debuted in BLACKPINK under YG Entertainment. In 2021, she then started her solo endeavors following Jennie in 2018.

In 2023, BLACKPINK celebrated its 7th debut anniversary and decided to renew its contract with YG as a group, but have declared independence for solo activities.

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(Photo : Rosé (W Korea))

Earlier, Jennie and Lisa have established independent labels, ODD ATELIER and LLOUD, respectively while Jisoo will work through an enterprise, BLISSOO, founded by a brand represented by her brother.

Rosé has yet to announce which label she will work under or if she will also establish her own company, but her next move is already not sitting well with fans.

Thus, OT4 BLINKs defended her and showed their warm support by asking fans to focus on hyping her soon-to-be-released song rather than making assumptions about her wanting to have a solo fandom name.