BLACKPINK Rosé Spills the Beans on the Dark Side of Trainee Dorm Life

Dorming as a trainee in the world of K-Pop is far from the glamorous image often associated with idol life. BLACKPINK, one of the industry’s most iconic groups, has shed light on the harsh realities of their trainee days, dispelling the notion of luxurious living spaces.

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In the past, BLACKPINK has garnered attention for their opulent apartments showcased on reality shows. However, their journey to stardom wasn’t always paved with luxury. Like countless other aspiring idols, they too had their share of modest, cramped dorms.

Facing the Creepy-Crawlies: BLACKPINK’s Earlier Struggles

Recently, BLACKPINK’s Rosé made an appearance on the JTBC show “Sea of Hope.” While on the show, she not only wowed viewers with her exceptional vocals and endearing personality but also shared anecdotes from her career.

Rosé, along with fellow artists Suhyun from AKMU and actress Kim Go Eun, stayed in a small room during the filming of the show. Despite the confined space, they seemed to enjoy each other’s company, with Kim Go Eun finding the experience refreshing.


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Rosé reflected on her years of living in dorms, a common practice for trainees in the K-Pop industry. She disclosed that this wasn’t a new experience for her, as she had been doing it for eight years.

However, her initial encounter with dorm life in Korea was far from comfortable. Rosé recalled the early days before BLACKPINK’s debut, where she had to contend with less-than-ideal conditions, including the unwelcome presence of cockroaches.

“When I first came to Korea, I wasn’t even in the debut team. There were cockroaches. At that time, it wasn’t confirmed that we would make our debut.Due to that, we didn’t live in such a nice place,” Rosé revealed. 

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This isn’t the first time that BLACKPINK members have opened up about the hardships they endured before achieving stardom, particularly in dealing with insects.

The journey from humble dorms to international stardom is a testament to BLACKPINK’s perseverance and talent.Their story serves as a reminder that the path to success in the K-Pop industry often involves enduring challenging living conditions, even for those who would later become superstars.

Meanwhile,In a surprising turn of events, rumors of a collaboration between BLACKPINK’s Rosé and former One Direction member Zayn Malik have set the internet ablaze.