BLACKPINK’s Asia Fan Meetings in 2024 — Confirmed or Just Rumors?

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Yuanta Securities, a South Korean securities firm, has stirred excitement among BLACKPINK fans with mentions of the group’s potential fan meetings in Asia for 2024.

This revelation came as part of YG Entertainment’s event plan disclosed by Yuanta Securities, which also includes projects related to BABYMONSTER and TREASURE.

In the publicly disclosed event schedule by Yuanta Securities, BLACKPINK’s fan meetings are slated to take place across Asia. However, the focus has shifted to the timing and execution of these events, especially considering the current quarter’s timeline.


Despite the firm’s disclosure, international fans are skeptical about the feasibility of BLACKPINK’s fan meetings happening in the second quarter of 2024. Many believe that this mention might be a planning phase, with actual events possibly aligning with the group’s 8th debut anniversary on August 8, 2024.

The discrepancy in timelines has led to speculations about when these fan meetings will truly occur. While the excitement is palpable among fans, YG Entertainment has yet to confirm or provide details about BLACKPINK’s fan meetings in 2024.

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The anticipation for BLACKPINK’s fan meetings in Asia continues to grow as fans eagerly await official announcements and details from the agency.

Recently, in 2011 YG Entertainment planned to launch two major girl groups: the Next Girlgroup (NGG) and Future 2NE1 (F21). NGG, initially called “Pink Punk,” was meant to be a nine-member group styled similarly to SNSD but with YG’s unique touch.

However, due to health issues, personal struggles, and training deficiencies, the group faced significant delays. This led to the departure of several trainees and the eventual formation of BLACKPINK with just four members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. Former trainees like Miyeon, Jinny Park, and Euna Kim found success in other groups or projects.

Although F21 never debuted, YG continued to innovate in the K-pop scene, leading to the creation of BLACKPINK and the newer group, BABYMONSTER. This evolution highlights the dynamic nature of the K-pop industry.