BLACKPINK’s Jennie Faces Criticism Amid Lisa’s Solo Comeback, But Why?

On June 28 (KST), Lisa officially released the MV for “ROCKSTAR.” This solo comeback marks a new chapter with LLOUD after Lisa left YG to venture on her own. The youngest member of BLACKPINK’s return to the music scene has fans on edge.

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Lisa showed a clear global direction by releasing music at an international time, independent of the Korean market. Lisa’s breakthrough beyond the limits of a K-pop idol has generated excitement but also brought mixed reactions.

lisa blackpink rockstar
Lisa officially makes her solo comeback with “ROCKSTAR”
lisa blackpink rockstar

Amid the excitement over Lisa’s music release, Jennie also stirred up social media. At the same time as the youngest member’s comeback, Jennie unexpectedly won the “Best Actress” award in the International Series category at the SEC Awards Brazil for her role as the backup dancer Dyanne in her debut drama “The Idol.” This award marks a milestone in Jennie’s acting career in the South American market, but it has also reignited endless controversy around her.

jennie blackpink
Jennie wins the “Best Actress” award in the International Series category at the SEC Awards Brazil for her role in the HBO series “The Idol.”

The reason is that Jennie’s debut role in “The Idol” faced numerous criticisms from the time the film was broadcast. The role was not only marked by a bold image requiring a 19+ rating but also due to the series’ quality. “The Idol” was criticized as a “cinematic disaster,” receiving low marks from experts. The entire cast, including The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp, was criticized for this production. Jennie, being an Asian idol, was the most affected. Winning an acting award for her supporting role in “The Idol” has thus, been met with relentless mockery from film fans.

On social media, many negative comments have been directed at Jennie, despite “The Idol” being a thing of the past. 

Source: K14