BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Catwalk Draws Mixed Reactions: Stiff vs Great First Time

On June 10, Jennie officially debuted as a runway model. Despite it being her first time walking in a professional fashion show, the idol took on the coveted role of closing a Jacquemus show. Her appearance immediately sparked a global social media frenzy.

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In this appearance, Jennie made a bold statement by going braless, which drew a lot of attention. However, this daring choice led to mixed reactions. Some praised Jennie for doing very well in her first catwalk experience as the show’s closing model. However, there were many conflicting opinions on social media, with some netizens pointing out her physical flaws through unfiltered cameras and criticizing her walk as stiff. It’s believed that Jennie’s nervousness and the revealing slit of her dress, combined with not wearing any underwear, contributed to her awkward performance.

Jennie’s debut on the catwalk received mixed reviews due to her stiff catwalk.

Her walk was seen as stiff, with some saying she appeared to be leaning backward and tiptoeing forward.

Previously, Jennie was spotted on the island of Capri, Italy. Before the Jacquemus show, the prominent IT girl caused a social media storm by donning a striking red dress and posing against the dreamy seaside backdrop. This Jacquemus design for Jennie was speculated to be inspired by the 1963 film “Le Mépris.”

jennie blackpink
Jennie caused a stir when she wore a red dress earlier.

After not renewing her personal contract with YG, Jennie established her own company, ODDATELIER, in November 2023, focusing on her personal career development. Despite this, she continues to be active with BLACKPINK under her existing contract with YG Entertainment. Since founding her own company, Jennie has been busy with various engagements, from events and new music releases to TV shows and attending the Met Gala, contrasting with her previous inactivity under YG. Notably, she has invested more in fashion than ever before.

Jennie has been actively and energetically pursuing her career since “going independent.”

Source: K14, Instagra