BLACPINK Lisa ‘Dating’ Mr P From Crazy Horse & Dominic Fike?— ‘Evidence’ Surfaced

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BLACKPINK’s Lisa finds herself at the center of not one but two unexpected dating rumors, leaving fans and media outlets buzzing with speculation.

Recent reports from foreign media have claims of romantic involvement with American singer Dominic Fike and a mysterious figure known as Mr. P, associated with Paris’s renowned cabaret, Crazy Horse.

Foreign Media Reports on Lisa’s Alleged Romantic Entanglements, Fans Exposed “Evidence”

Foreign media outlets have been quick to share their ‘evidence’ of Lisa’s rumored relationship with American musician Dominic Fike.

Lisa & Dominic Fike

(Photo : Nate)

Sources suggest that the duo sports matching tattoos on their arms, igniting whispers of a possible romantic link.

Furthermore, insiders allegedly spotted their names intertwined on social media posts before they mysteriously vanished.

Fueling the rumors, Lisa and Dominic Fike were even seen taking affectionate photos with adoring fans.

Adding intrigue to the story, another media outlet has thrown Lisa into a whirlwind of rumors, this time involving a certain Mr. P associated with Crazy Horse, one of Paris’s iconic cabarets, alongside Moulin Rouge and Lido.

Lisa’s recent selection as a guest star at Crazy Horse has undoubtedly intensified the spotlight on her personal life.


(Photo : twitter|@crazyhorseparis@)

Sources close to the situation have reported that Lisa and the show’s artist have grown remarkably close during their collaboration.

Allegedly, they’ve had numerous private meetings and have been spotted dining out and shopping together, further fanning the flames of gossip.

BLACKPINK Lisa’s “Love” Triangle: Dominic Fike, Mr. P, and the Frederic Arnault Controversy

Notably, Lisa isn’t a stranger to the world of dating rumors. Lisa was linked to Frederic Arnault, the third son of luxury brand conglomerate LVMH’s head, Bernard Arnault, and CEO of TAG Heuer.

BLACKPINK Lisa & Frédéric Arnault

(Photo : twitter|@kdramaupdates9@)

BLACKPINK Lisa & Frédéric Arnault

(Photo : twitter|@kdramaupdates9@)

The alleged romance stirred considerable attention, with reports even suggesting a joint trip to Italy with the Arnault family.

Despite the growing cacophony of rumors surrounding Lisa’s love life, her agency, YG Entertainment, has remained tight-lipped on the matter.

The absence of an official statement from Lisa’s representatives has only heightened curiosity among fans and the media.

As speculation runs rampant, fans are eagerly awaiting an official response from YG Entertainment, hoping to put these dating rumors to rest and gain clarity on the status of Lisa’s heart.